"You heard that it was said 'Love your neighbor and hate your enemy.'

But I tell you: Love your enemy and pray for those who persecute you"

-Matthew 5:43-44

I was watching television the next morning when a knock came on the door. "Who is it?" I asked. Shelby and Marshall had left sometime while I was sleeping. I had woken up to find them gone. I felt a little sorry for it, but I had quickly pushed the emotion aside. I was alone. That was how things were meant to be.

"Um, I'm from the church that's helping you out. I was just coming by to check up on you," It was a young man who opened the door.

"You don't have to. I'm perfectly fine as you can see."

The man smiled. "I'm just trying to be helpful. My name is Theophilus by the way. Theophilus Davidson."

"Well then hello Theo. You've checked up on me, you can go now." I said turning back to the television.

"Actually, I think I'd rather stay. Maybe we could get to know each other. Just talk y'know." Theophilus took a seat next to the bed and leaned back. He was settled in to stay. "So…what's your name?"

I stared at Theophilus without answering. I just surveyed him, measured him up. He was tall probably about six foot or six foot one. His hair was cut short in a reserved style. It was also a sandy brown kind of color. His eyes were blue. A very pretty, pure blue. HE couldn't hide anything with those eyes. Right now, his eyes said that he was apprehensive. He was trying to be nice. He wanted to help. Was this guy as sucker or something? "My name's Ruth," I said at last.

Theophilus smiled encouraged by the fact that she answered his question. "How old are you Ruth? Do you work?"

"You can answer first and then maybe I'll consider telling you."

Theophilus smiled at me. I didn't know what to make of this guy. "Let's see. I'm twenty-six, but my birthdays in less than a month. I work at the King's Park Church of Christ as an intern."

"So they're the one's helping me?" I said looking away suspiciously. I was always uncertain when I met members of the King's Park Church of Christ. They are firm in what they believe and they also try to be very persuasive. I usually avoid them. Apparently now they were stuck in my life, maybe for good.

"Yes, we're the ones helping you out," Theophilus said smiling. "Actually, you've been getting a lot of offers for help while you were unconscious."

I groaned. Could I not escape these people?! Maybe I could convince them that I didn't need any help. No, that wouldn't work. I had bombed any chance of that happening last night when I had let Shelby call my house. Great, I was stuck with them. "I don't need any help." I almost growled.

"Everyone can use help now and then. Besides, it might be good for you. You can get back on your feet. Maybe start fresh somewhere."

"And be forever indebted to you people?! I don't think so."

"Who's you people?" Someone asked from the doorway. It was another guy. He was about average height with brown shoulder-length hair. His eyes were hazel and he had a tattoo on his right arm that was partially covered by his t-shirt.

"Oh you, me, the entire congregation," Theophilus said trying to sound annoyed. He failed pretty miserably at it too.

The new guy just shrugged. "That doesn't sound so bad. I don't know what you're whining about Theo? 'Fraid of a few insults every now and then?"

"Ruth, this is Jesse Hamilton. He's the other intern at King's Park."

"No he's not," I said staring at Theophilus like he was crazy.

"Yeah did you hear that Theo. Apparently you don't know who I am anymore. You fail," Jesse teased leaning up against the doorframe and putting his arms across his chest. "So then, if I'm not Jesse Hamilton, intern at King's Park Church of Christ, who am I?"

"You can't be an intern there. I'd be surprised if they even let you in the building. You're hair's too long and you have a tattoo."

"Really?" Jesse asked looking down at his arm. "Hey look Theo, did you know I have a tattoo?"

"Stop being rude Jesse," Theophilus rebuked him.

"Well she started it. You shouldn't judge people by how they look Ruth. Just because I like to wear my hair long and I decided I wanted to get a tattoo on my arm doesn't mean I cannot serve as an evangelist in a church or work as a man of God. If you want to say that then you're as bad a the people who've been pushing you aside your whole life."

"What would you know?" I spat angrily. He would dare to call me stereotypical! I was just telling the truth. I didn't try to butter up the world like him. What would he know about anything?

"No your situation obviously. But I do know that stereotypes are a load of lies. So stop using them to cover your every turn. If you ever want to talk about it, you'll find me at the church or at the auto shop two blocks west of it." Jesse said and with a wave to Theophilus and me he left.

I stared after him in shock and Theophilus sighed. "You'll have to forgive him. He's usually a very upbeat kind of guy."