To Find Home Afar

Standing by winter's side
I wait for a shifting wind
While starfires gather above,
Planning eternal pursuits.

Toward home I turn to trek
Under nightsky's gazing eye,
A blue-white gem in Heaven's grasp
Which guides this wanderer on.

What was hidden by daylit trees
Is now exposed to shadowed night-
A path which bends from view
To beyond, a fold in the wood.

No mist enshrouds the way
Before a wind's insistent gale-
Along with essence of magic I bear
To be carried further from home.

Each foot on silver path set
Stirs dust from another world over;
The moon as witness to my heartpound
Sends clouds to obscure my view.

Caught in black night with white stars
So close to a parallel world,
I clear my path through the dark
Toward adventure, toward a home.