My mum read this one and she thought I was suicidal (lol) not good.
r/r and tell me what you think

What did I do Wrong?
A tear falls too the page
And shatters into a millions fragments
Just like my heart
Never to heal
Another tear traces down my cheek
A little river of pain
I cannot stand it
The loneliness
The isolation
No one cares
Why should they
No one would care about me
No one ever will
No one cares for the outcast
No one cares about how I feel when they turn their backs
Or talk about me when they think I cannot hear
All caught up in there silly little lives
While ruining the lives of others
I say I don't care
But deep down I do
Everyone wishes to be excepted
So what did I do wrong?
What did I do to make them hate me?
I'm all alone
A lost soul
My personality has drowned in the sea of acceptance
My mind crushed under the weight of rejection
What did I do wrong?