"Trey, stop it! I said stop damnit!" I yelled at him. No matter how much I wanted him to stop throwing ice cubes at me, he wouldn't listen. "You're such a jackass." I muttered, getting off the couch, and heading into the kitchen.

"Ima what?" he yelled after me.

"Nothing!" I yelled back. I opened the fridge door and got out the tea. Going over to the counter, I got out a glass, and turned back around. Trey was before me, which almost gave me a heart attack.

"What did you call me?" he asked again, corning me.

"I called you nothing," I said.

"That's not what I heard," he said. His hands went towards my waist, and isntead of going around me, he started tickling me.

"Trey! Stop!" I yelled through the giggles.

"What did you call me," he asked again.

"I called you jackass! Happy?" I asked, pushing his arms away.

"Yes." He bent over and kissed me suddenly. I swear, his kisses never got old. It seemed they only got better every time. His head dipped below to my neck.

"Trey, not now. Henry might come in," I said. As if on cue, Henry strolled into the kitchen, carrying his teddy bear by the leg.

"Whys are you yellin?" He said, wiping at his eye. Trey groaned in frustration, and I laughed, pushing him away.

"Your brother here is being a meanie head. Why don't we get settled into bed again, okay Henry?" I asked, holding out my hand.

"Wills you read me a story?" he asked. I nodded. He grabbed my hand, and started leading me into his room.

"Why does Henry always get the special treatment? You're my girlfriend." Trey said. It also never stopped my stomach from sending out millions of butterflies whenever he said that.

It seemed like it took so much for us to finally get where we were. But it was all worth it.

It turned our Britney wasn't really pregnant. Not even after she tricked Trey. No, the ending result was much worse. I guess she had to much fun because Britney ended up with a nice STD. I had Trey tested, and he was clean. Which was so ironic, since he had probably had way more sex than Britney. But Trey was also a caring person, while Britney was a cruel whore.

Britney ended up moving all the way to California, without her two rat followers. They finally saw the light, and went their separate ways.

Karly and Jason were going on four months. Seemed they too were in love. I wasn't jealous anymore. I actually found it cute. Which was a little weird.

And as for me and Trey? Well, after I had gotten back from London, it was exactly as he said. He had waited for me. As I stepped through the gate, he was there, holding a single tulip. He remembered the little things I told him after all. He had tried not to ask about London, and what all I had done, without him, and with who, but he failed. We weren't even into the house before he was plaguing me with questions. But I told him the truth: nothing happened. I was surprised myself. But I guess, deep inside, something was holding me back from going home with all those cute boys I met.

Trey's going to community college, getting his degree. Trying to be the best man he can, unlike his father. I am really proud of him.

And I've finally gotten everything I've ever wanted I guess. London, a best friend, a great mom, and the most wonderful boyfriend ever.

Henry's turning four this weekend. I can't wait to make him a big, double chocolate cake I know will be destroyed by a bunch of little kids. What a mess to clean up. But I guess that's the role i've taken in his life. Not quite a mom, more like an aunt I guess. Well, whatever it is, it just feels natural. Being here, reading him a story to put him to bed, with Trey sitting next to me, holding my hand.

Yeah, being with Trey just feels right. It's funny how it all started. I hated him for what he did to women, and now I'm in love with him because he completes me.

And I guess that's how I fell in love after 20 questions and multiple make out sessions. Even though there wasn't 20 questions. All the make out sessions made up for it.