A/N: This poem is linked to 'Love your Enemies'. Josephine is a human spy in an elf-dominated society. She was caught once stealing food from the elven palace kitchen, and immediately babbled out some informations in her fear. The elf prince then kept her as spy, to help him keep control over the humans. She also became his mistress after a while (not knowing that he cares nothing for her).

More information in 'Love your Enemies' rewrite - once all of it is out.


My father betrayed me
By never being there;
My mother betrayed me
By dying much too young;
My granny betrayed me
By leaving me all alone;
Now you have betrayed me too.

I'm only a traitor
Sleeping with the enemy
Giving away secrets
The tattle-tale.
I'm only a traitor
Who wants some bread.
I'm only a traitor
Who has been betrayed.

I betrayed my friends
By telling their secrets;
I betrayed my family
Forgetting what they taught;
I betrayed myself
By falling in love with you;
Now you have betrayed me too.

I'm only a traitor
Wanting the unreachable
Fallen for an elf prince
Asking too much.
I'm only a traitor
Who's gone too far.
I'm only a traitor
Whom you have betrayed.

You betrayed me
With every kiss you gave;
You betrayed me
With promises unkept
You betrayed me
And you never even cared
As you now betrayed me too.

I'm only a traitor
With a shattered, broken heart
Who knows that she was wrong
And can't go on.
I'm only a traitor
Betrayed by all.
I'm only a traitor
With a half-elf child.