The Cookie Chronicles Book 1: A Day in the Life of a Cookie.

Last night I had a dream I was a muffin. It was horrible! I couldn't move, I couldn't talk, and I had blueberries! Blech! I hate blueberries! Thankfully I woke up before anyone ate me.

I lay still for a few seconds, letting reality sink back in. Then I got up. Tried to get up, I should say, since I realized I still couldn't move. Was I actually still asleep? Was my dream a reality? No, I remembered with a wave of relief, I was a cookie! Pure, un-blueberried, chocolatey goodness. It was nice being a cookie.

I lay there. Actually, that's pretty much all I do, since I have no limbs or organs to speak of. Wait, my dough did ripple slightly in the 350 degree heat…but that's a little bit different, I suppose. Where was I? Oh yes, laying there, bored stiff, I contemplated my life. I had been baked a full two days ago. I was ancient! I started wondering what exactly is the purpose of a cookie's life. I couldn't just sit here rotting for the rest of eternity: I had to be useful somewhere.

An hour later I found my purpose. Now I was just laying there, minding my own business, when some snot-nosed brat picked me up and shoved me in his mouth. I screamed in agony as his tiny teeth tore me up. As a masticated mess I was forced down his throat. I fell down into the stomach, where digestive juices burned my already-mutilated body. Without going into too many details, the rest of the ride was not fun. I will just say this: swimming in a whirlpool is not fun.

After another horrific journey, the remainder of my body lay suffocating under fifty feet of earth and waste. I was dying, I knew, and with my last bit of strength, I contemplated my short life. All that preparation and pain, just to end up a pile of nothing in the ground. Was this all there was?

I felt the last of my energy fade away and I wondered why I was given the ability to think, to live, if all I could do was be eaten in two days and then tossed away. If I really had a soul, then why was it ripped from me so quickly? What was the point? I clung to this one last thought as a grim nothingness overtook my mind. What was the point? What was the point…