The Monkey In The Cage

Screaming so much, the worlds gone deaf,

But I only have to blame myself,

For this horrible mess, this shattered glass, undying furnace,

I feel trapped in like a monkey in a cage,

With freedom dancing outside the bars,

Mockingly in my dreams,

And my never ending lust for it,

Creeps through me day by day,

Feeling similar to the caress of his hands,

Running across my smiling cheek,

Squeezing my waist in a tight embrace,

Kissing with care,

Hugging with longing,

Putting laughter into my life,

Speaking of his fiery ambitions,

Ever running passions,

With a spirit almost as beautiful as he was,

Eyes of a puppy dog, and his hair like the mane of a lion,

A roar, a might that the entire animal kingdom would bow to,

His memory is venom,

I wish he were dead.