Inspired to rewriting poetry, approaching deadlines, and innocent things twisted to perverted.

Industrial Strength Cleaner Can't Get Rid of Memories


the bubbles burst over your head -
in more ways than one.

today went from bad to worse:
lost your job
lost your dog
came home to an empty house.
lost your boyfriend.

and I'm sure I'm not helping.
even if you don't know I'm here,
hiding in the linen closet,
something's making you uncomfortable in your own skin.

so you sink into the soothing water of a bath
and add enough bubbles to cover the tub five times over.
you're trying to hide from yourself,
afraid you'll catch the bad luck
that seems to follow you around.

can't say I blame you -
but it's a little late for these precautions.

just as you're getting out -

the soap bubbles are still ringing in my ears
as I freshen up the water and add a few more bubbles.
when I get out, the water'll drip down
and leave little red stains on your floor.

but I hardly think you're in a position to care.

you always loved bubble baths
but I find them distasteful.

can't get the dirty out of my mind
even if the soap bubbles got it off my body.

tonight, as I lie in bed with you
and dream of tomorrow's discovery,
I can't find it in myself to regret any of it -


and the bubble bursts over a young man's head.