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Every occasional step I took, I would wince in pain. I was starting to sweat and wondering when we'd get there. Here we are climbing this expanse of rock to get to a secret covered beach area. According to one of the college guys, not many people knew about this place.

I beg to differ after coming upon a man made concrete stairwell in the middle of the gigantic rocks.

"Well, it was less well known the last time I came here." He says to us after we gave him a look.

"When was that?" asks K.C.

"Oh you know, when I was eight or something." He says sheepishly.

We just roll our eyes, laughing, and descend down the hot concrete stairs. Even with the stairs, there weren't that many people. The people who had somehow found this place were scattered around. We put all of our stuff near the side of the expanse of the rock.

As soon as everything hit the floor and the towels were laid out, everyone ran into the water. A guy who I've seen with Kimmie a lot the whole time grabbed her from behind and threw her playfully into the water.


I turn around to see that Aiden hadn't run into the water yet.

"Hi." I say, squinting up at him because of the sun.

He smiles sweetly at me and changes positions so he's blocking the sun from shining in my face.

"Thanks." I tell him with a small smile.

"You're welcome." He says.

I don't know what to say and slowly a silence comes upon us. I try to think of what to say…what can I say?

"You know, your friend Marla is pretty scary with those boots of hers." He says, breaking the almost awkward silence.

I laugh, "Yes, I know. It's her secret weapon." I say as I think of all the times she has used them to threaten people.

"I can imagine her threatening people with them." He says, laughing.

"Yeah, she has actually, quite a lot." I tell him.

He smiles at me and reaches to the side of my head.

I flinch.

He chuckles, "I'm not going to hurt you." He says and pulls out a light white feather out of my hair. I felt the heat in my face rise, I'm blushing.

"Oh." I manage to mutter.

"I like where we were before Marla came in." he says, running his thumb gently over my cheek.

My blush comes back before it even left.

"I really do like you Ad…" Aiden whispers to me and leans in. He hovers over my lips and I'm frozen, unsure what to do.

He captures my lips in his. His pulls me closer by the neck with his hand that was caressing my cheek, his other hand is on my hip, the fingers ghosting over my exposed skin. I stand there limp, my arms hanging on my sides. He sucks on my bottom lip…suddenly, I become unfrozen and something erupts inside of me. I wrap my arms around his back and push him closer while I open my mouth for him. Our tongues fight for domination and he wins when he starts sucking on mines, making me moan.

He pulls away and I lean forward, wanting more. He smiles knowingly at me and pecks me real quick before running into the water. I stand there and watch him as he waves me into the water.

I'm not sure about much right now but what I do know is that when I kissed Aiden, it wasn't like how it was suppose to be. I didn't realize that I only wanted Jonathan and that he was the one, like he had said after he kissed the other guy.

I really need to talk to Jonathan but right now I'm going to enjoy myself. So I run into the water after Aiden.

We're at that secret beach location for hours, doing all the beach things that you're suppose to do. It was nice. Around five though, someone suggested that we all go shower and get dressed and go eat somewhere nice. The girls seemed to like the idea so we drove back to the hotel.

I was first to shower and dress. I had made my decision during the ride back; I'm going to see Jonathan today.

Dinner isn't until around seven thirty so I had time to get there, talk to him, and make it back in time. I didn't want to do anything with Aiden until I've talked to Jonathan. I told K.C. I'd be out for a while and be back soon.

"You need me to go with you, wherever you're going?" she asked me.

"No, but thank you."

She let me borrow her jeep and I asked for the address from Marla over the phone. Using K.C.'s lovely GPS system, I was able to make it there in thirty-five minutes safely. Marla had told me what room Jonathan was in and assured me that she'll have Aaron be out of the room by the time I got there.

Walking up to his door, I tried to think of everything I needed to tell him. I was getting nervous but I knew I had to do this. I knocked on his door and stood back, waiting. A few seconds later the door opened to reveal a gruff looking Jonathan. As soon as he saw me, his face light up and he grabbed me in a smothering hug.

I don't know if I can do this.

There we sat him on his bed and me apparently on Aaron's, us staring at each other. His face fell when I told him we had to talk. If anyone was smart enough would know that after the phrase 'we need to talk' it's nothing good.

"So…" I drag out, trying to stall what I needed to say. What I had to say.

"Ad, please don't throw everything away just because of one stupid kiss. I know I was an idiot for doing it and I regret it immensely. Please, Ad." He pleads with me, his face breaking, making me break.

My eyes start tearing up and I have to look away. I have to do this; I have to make him understand. I wipe my eyes with the back of my hands.

I look him in the eye, as painful it is for me to do it.

"…Jonathan…I'm not mad at your anymore about the whole kiss thing but…in the time we've spent a part and some things that happened…I realized something." I try to convey how sorry I am with my eyes; I can't hurt him although he has hurt me.

"W-what?" he asks, twiddling his thumbs.

"You know when you told me, after you kissed him, you knew that it was me, you loved only me and I was the one?" I ask.

"Yes." He says softly.

"I kissed someone…" I tell him.

He looks up with confusion and jealously.

"Okay…" he says slowly.

I look down at the ugly green carpet.

"I, I didn't feel that way when I kissed him. I felt as though…I could really like him…" I whisper to the stupid ugly carpet.

Jonathan doesn't say anything for a while and when I look up, he's looking off to the side, with a blank expression.

"Jonathan?" I ask hesitantly.

He clears his throat. "It's okay Ad…I understand…thanks for telling me." He says in soft monotone voice.

"I-I'm sorry." I say as I stand up. His face is still blank and he won't look at me. I lean in and kiss him gently on the cheek and walk out the door.

I run into Aaron on my way out and from the look his gives me, I can tell he understands the look on my face and he walks up to the room he shares with Jonathan.

The drive back is a blur and as I pull up into the hotel, I just have to sit in the jeep and breathe with my eyes closed. I did it. I did what I needed to do. This is for the better; at least he knows that it's not his fault. I open my eyes and look up at the sky. It's beautiful, the sun is setting and there is an array of different colors.

Eventually, I get out of the jeep and walk back up into my room. When I get there, the girls and Lawrence's group have join Patrick and they're just hanging out. I smile at them when they greet me and I sit next to K.C. They continue to talk about what they were before and I just sit there. At some point I join in and I realize that, I'm okay.

We meet the college people at the restaurant. It's a sushi bar and inside it looks rather beautiful. We all pile into a large booth decorated in Japanese decor. I somehow end up sitting next to K.C. and Aiden. I smile widely at him. He smiles at me and kisses me softly on the shell of my ear. I blush knowing that everyone probably saw that.

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