Deep within the forests and mountains around the small village of Seri stood the cabin of the Lone Wolf, a name given to a man by his victims and the villagers around him. A hunter by nature, the Lone Wolf hunted his bounties with a wolfish nature that left even the authorities heads spinning. Some of the victims who were supposed to stay alive said that the last thing they ever saw of this man before blacking out was his lonesome eyes. So deep in contrast to anything that they all succumbed to madness in fear that those dark obsidian eyes will come back to kill them. The wolf came from the fact that the victims feared that the Lone Wolf will sic his wolves on them; the wolves he's always token with him on any type of hunt. But overall, it seemed that even though the popularity of this bounty hunter, he always was in some type of shell that all thought that no one could break though, not even to his family and especially his twin sister. But all had changed when one particular person had entered his life and seemed to tame this Wolf of a man.

A woman with blonde hair and ocean blue eyes looked down at a small boy and girl with black hair who both seemed to be sitting still in the hair stylist's chair as they both got their hair cut. The hair stylist could not place it how they both have copper blonde highlights in their black hair and seem to be natural. When asked, their beautiful mother had always answered as plain as day that it was natural. Either way they were a strange bunch of kids and both were considered to be geniuses, especially since they were juniors in high school at such a young age. The kids were both at the age of thirteen and were getting their yearly hair cut though the mother had always scoffed at the boy saying that it wasn't needed. He would always look good with long hair and it would always grow fast. But he would pout and a compromise would be produced that he would at least get it cut at least to his ears. She smiled at the both of them as she watched them get their hair done and would happily hop down from the chair with a lollipop in hand. Even though they were of teenage years, they could never pass up a lollipop from the old stylist. And soon they were out the door and on to shopping for more cloths.

"Mom," cried the boy, "why do I have to go shopping?"

His mother chuckled, pulling her wool lined coat closer to her. "Because you are a growing young boy and you don't fit your old ones, Fayte," she told him, smiling.

"Yeah but…."

He paused as suddenly a woman shouted out, "Thief!" and a man was running off with her purse. He was quickly running right passed them and would of also token off with Fayte's mother's purse if he hadn't stuck out his foot and the man tripped hitting his head hard on the concrete ground. Fayte watched as the man, dazed, got up and turned to attack his sister and mother. Fayte's eyes narrowed as he stepped in front of them and punched the guy in the face. The man blacked out and fell to the ground. The police started over and the man somehow seemed to get back up again all by himself and would of token off if Fayte hadn't sat on his stomach, hard.

"Fayte!" his mother cried out, almost disbelieving that this was her son. He sat on the man, not letting him up until the authorities made it over. The woman that was attacked walked over and shook her head. She smiled at the boy that had saved her purse. She was a brunette with jade green eyes. She wore a simple red dress and a fur coat.

"Thank you, young man," she said, shaking his hand as he stood up as the police cuffed the man. "I don't know what I would of done if you hadn't gotten my purse back." She looked through it as a young man the same age as him came over to them holding a hand of small boy of five. She then handed an inhaler to the small boy. "Here, Willie, dear." But it was a little too late. His face was turning almost a blue color and his brother didn't know what to do.

Fayte however did. The boy's hands were to his throat and eyes tight with pain. He quickly moved the brother out of the way and did the Heimlich. The mother protested but then was surprised when a piece of gum shot out of the little boy's mouth. Everyone gave a sigh of relief as Fayte then took the inhaler and gave it to the boy.

"Use this if you need it," he told the little boy.

The boy took it gratefully but didn't use it, looking up to this strange boy who had saved his life and his mother's purse. He soon wanted to be as strong as this boy and not need an inhaler nor anybody to help him out like that again. Fayte did not even move from his spot beside the boy as he was drilled for information from everyone around him. He calmly took the questions and answered them as quickly as possible. He kept a protective hand on the boy's shoulder and didn't even moved as the attacker was token away and gone.

"I can't thank you enough for what you have done for me and my family," the woman, now known as Mrs. Anderson stated. "Fayte, if there is anything I or my family could do for you, just call." She handed him her card to which he pocketed into his shirt pocket. "As for us, we need to be heading home before Willie's father begins to worry." She placed a hand on her son's shoulder and Fayte took his hand down as she led her two boys away.

"Wait!" Fayte stated, walking up to the little boy. He knelt down to the boy and handed him a dog whistle from his pocket. "I want you to have this. Should you need help, just use this." He pulled the makeshift necklace around the child's neck and smiled. "Keep it safe." The child beamed and nodded. He really liked the older boy. He was nice and generous and brought happy thoughts to him. Fayte smiled wider and ruffled the boy's hair before standing up and walking over to his beaming mother. The two families then began to walk away from each other but Fayte couldn't help but think that the two families' destinies were intertwined somehow.

His mother didn't stop from beaming at him even though all the torture he had to endure under the tailor's strict demands and measurements. He however groaned and moaned as his mother and sister decided on the colors for his new outfits. On the way home, his mother could not help but pull him to the side and hug him as his sister went in to a nearby ice cream shop for ice cream.

"I'm proud of you, son," she told him. "You are meant to do great things, no Fated to do great things, especially for that family you helped today. I love you." Fayte let her hug him, that was until he looked up and saw the masked figure that would forever haunt his dreams. To his horror, the man held up a gun and fired, instantly killing his mother right in his arms. Eyes wide as saucers, he felt his mother go limp into his arms and his sister walked out of the ice cream shop then had stopped out and screamed, dropping the cones from her hands.

Fayte immediately screamed and took of after the masked man. He used his strong legs to carry him fast and tackled the man to the ground. He then began to punch the man's face until an old man who had saw everything walked up to him and placed his hands on his shoulders, immediately stopping Fayte. Everything immediately came down hard on him and he cried into the man's chest. That was indeed a bleak and dreary day for Fayte and the rest of the Winchester family. Fayte had turned inwards, becoming cold and would lash out to anything and anyone around him, even to his own twin. Soon he became like a lone wolf, always in tune to his studies and even the karate lessons the old man had decided to teach to him.

Fayte jerked awake and sat up quickly, placing a hand to his head. He was older now and his dark obsidian eyes seemed to be ever more darker. He had a strong jaw and long hair on down to mid-back. His nose though seemed to be a little crocked, probably from the fact that it had gotten broken a lot in his past. It had been that same dream, that same nightmare of seeing his mother die right in his arms kept coming up as of late. He quickly stole a look at his alarm clock, 2:15 in the morning. He wasn't expected to be up and over to his family's house until ten. He sighed and got up out of bed and to his bathroom where he turned the shower on cold. He flinched when he had stepped into the cool spray and let his head slump forward onto the wall in front of him, tears threatening to overcome him. He had graduated high school at the age of fourteen, became a detective at the age of fifteen and then later became a doctor at the age of twenty-one. He wouldn't of thought of becoming a doctor if it hadn't been for his little niece Ginger who had a very weak heart and could collapse and die at any given moment.

He sighed at his family's concern for him went through his mind. His father was worried that he could be killed due to his chosen profession as of right now. His sister was worried that he wasn't getting enough sleep and food. His elder brother was just plain worried. And yet they were all worried that he needed someone to help him with his pain. After his mother's death, he had went on the deep end becoming cold and seemingly heartless. Fayte couldn't take a joke and laugh when it was funny like he use to and it seemed the warmth and laughter that had been in his eyes was gone completely. He took to the mountains of Seri and had raised his own wolf pack to hunt with. It wasn't that he was happy with what had been going on with him, it's just that it didn't help with them putting extra pressure on him about finding a wife, or incase of his concern, a lover, someone who could take care of him and he them. He was gay and they all knew about it but they all continued with their innuendos.

But that was what made him what he is and they couldn't cope with it at times.

He sighed turning off the shower spray and not even worrying about drying off, went into his bedroom to dress. Once finished, he sat on the edge of his king sized bed and sighed, looking at the picture he had of his mother. She was wearing a bright blue dress and a white hat to match. He and his twin were in it and she had her hands on top of their heads, leaning in close to them, smiling. He actually had long hair tied back at the nape of his neck that went on down to his waist. He wore a blue suit and red tie. His sister wore exactly the same thing as his mother, only without the white hat. Her eyes were literally the exact color of their mother's and Fayte couldn't help but see a little bit of his mother within her. He shook his head, looking around his room for something to do.

Today was his mother's birthday and the family was going to her grave to place flowers at the tombstone and eat cake with her. They all have done that everyday for the last years since her death but Fayte also went to see her on the eve of her death. He loved his mother deeply and when the need arose, he was found to quote from her philosophical views. Several times he had saved his father from bankruptcy and disaster by doing such. His father then decided to give his company to Fayte's elder brother, Felix, who by then was married and with a child of his own.

Soon Fayte's alpha male wolf came padding into the room and jumped onto the bed and nudged his arm. The jet black wolf was Fayte's strongest wolf in the pack and simply knew when Fayte would need just a little picker up. Fayte patted the big dog's head as he stood up, smiling.

"Well, Fang," he asked the dog, "should we get an early start on today? We'll eat and then go out to hunt. Blizzard would love to see us." Blizzard was Fang's mate and was snow white. She was always out with the pack at this time, protecting the cabin and the surrounding woods. Fang just wagged his tail, excited at the prospect of hunting as well as seeing his mate. Fayte chuckled, ruffling the dog's head. Fayte went into the kitchen and proceeded to make him some breakfast. Eggs, bacon, and toast was just up his alley for that morning. Just as soon as he finished eating his phone decided to ring. Fayte looked at his clock, 3 am. If he was still asleep, he would be grumbling wondering who was calling at this ungodly hour. He grumbled to himself, still insisting that this was an ungodly hour to be calling anyways.

"Fayte here," Fayte stated answering.

"Good, you're up," came a male's voice on the other side. Fayte groaned, knowing that this was the police chief of the city beyond Seri, Horas, and it would be only him to be calling at this hour. The old man was really starting to get on his nerves as of late.

"Watson, do you realize how bloody late it is?" Fayte roared.

"Well, it seems you were already up so stop complaining."

Fayte sighed, hitting his hand to his forehead. "What do you want?"

"I have a mission for you. And this time it's well worth it."

Fayte raised an eyebrow, suddenly interested. "Oh?"

"Do you remember the Anderson family?"

How could he not. The Anderson family was not only the family that Fayte had helped back when he was thirteen but was also the wealthiest family within the Highlands. In fact they were almost as rich as the King of the Highlands. They held monthly balls for all of the wealthy and famous people throughout the lands. Fayte was not only from a wealthy family but was also the most famous bounty hunter in all of Perkania, second coming up to him was Rage Point, his brother-in-law. He had received many invitations to their balls but he never turned out for any of them.


"Their son, Laurence a.k.a Willie has gone missing. He had ran out on them when they were arguing about something and he ended up being kidnapped in the process. He was seen heading towards your mountain. They are willing to pay any price for his return. They are even trying to get a hold of the kidnappers to try to negotiate the ransom."

"Yes, but why are the kidnappers coming towards here? They all know that this is my territory."

Watson was quiet for a moment. "Maybe they are trying to bait you in as well."

Fayte thought for a moment. His sensei had always told him that he needed to get into his enemies head and try to figure out his next move. Fayte also found that if he could get into the victim's head, he could figure out what they were trying to accomplish as well. Fayte knew that there was a back road from the interstate that took travelers through Seri or even around it and onwards to Gasket, the city famous for all of its mechanical advances. It was a great place for anybody to hide out in, especially until they could get a hold of the victim's loved ones for their ransom. So considering that information, it was highly unlikely that they were trying to bait him in.

"Have they contacted the parents yet?"

"They had found a ransom note inside the boy's school jacket asking for fifty million hardens for the boy or they will kill him."

Fayte's eyes went wide as saucers. If they wanted to kill the boy, then they could do it at anytime. But what stunned him the most was when his heart clenched at possibly finding the blond boy dead somewhere. Fayte had known about Willie through his contacts and even through the police chief himself. Not to mention the few times that Willie had used the whistle and Fayte had went running to save him. A genius like himself, Willie was on his way to being famous in what ever field he so chooses. But what concerned Fayte was Willie's lack of friends.

"So it could be possible that Willie is trying to come this way, knowing that he can be found and protected here."

"Be careful though, Fayte. His parents might end up thinking that you are the kidnapper."

"Well, if they end up thinking that and get the media here, you just need to come to my rescue then as I have come to your rescue."

Watson laughed. "You can be sure of that. Just be careful."

"Yes, Dad." He couldn't help but call Watson that. Watson was just as worse as Fayte's own father.

"Well if I was your dad I'll have you hanged up by your toes by now."

"Love you to," Fayte joked.

"Well, get started on the case and I'll negotiate the price for his return."

"Alright, chief, and thanks."

"You're like the son I never had so it's only fair."

"See ya." With that Fayte hanged up and sighed. He then looked at Fang who sat at his feet looking hopeful. "Well, Fang, he didn't tell us at all of where to find the boy. Might as well call in the entire pack. You, Blizzard, and Farris are sticking with me this time." Fang nodded his canine head in agreement and started towards the door. Fayte dressed warmly in his long trench coat that reached to his ankles, his black scarf was tied tightly around his neck and his black cowboy hat sat on his head. He wore black leather gloves and black boots. He grabbed his sword and shot gun and tied them both to his back, his hand gun sat in its halter at his right side. He picked up a small pack that he put on his left side that held all the ammo he could ever need. He sighed walking out the door making sure he had his keys and cell phone on him. He had a feeling that it was going to be a long day and he couldn't help but think that his mother was up there smirking at his situation.

Willie was only dressed in a thin white shirt and his school uniform pants both torn and ragged. His short blond hair was in tangles and his bright jade eyes lost some of its warmth as he was in pain from the wounds his kidnappers inflicted upon him. He had been whipped and punched to the point where he just blacked out. He finally came to and opened his eyes to look around him. Instead of tied up by his wrist, he know sat in a chair with the only thing holding him was handcuffs. Two thugs sat watching T.V. on a couch and the main one was talking on the phone probably talking negotiations with his parents. He shook his head, knowing that it wouldn't be worth it. Once they get their money, the thugs would just end up killing him in the end. He was surprised that his mouth wasn't gagged or duck taped so whoever were these guys they knew that he wasn't very talkative even in situations like this. He looked down and was grateful to see a glint of silver from within his shirt. It was the dog whistle that a strong young but older boy had given to him. He found out as of late from his mother that it had been a Fayte Winchester that had saved him when he was five from choking on a piece of gum that he had ended up swallowing due to the chaos going around him. He had been in need of his inhaler and that was how his mother got her purse stolen. Willie then knew he wanted to become stronger and capable of taking care of himself but no mater how hard he tried, he was always getting saved.

Willie remembered the first time he had to use the whistle and that was when he was drowning in the lake in Rockford Park in Horas where he lived. He couldn't swim and some bully had pushed him in. He was saved by a snow white wolf and before he blacked out he had saw a boy in all black giving the bully a stern talking to. Then he simply woke up in a hospital and his mother had told him that some stranger had token him there and the authorities had called them. They didn't press charges as the bully had came up to him and had apologized but no one could figure out who this person was that had saved him. He had been ten years old by then.

The second time was when he was running outside by himself and was being followed. He secretly used the whistle and that was when several men came up to him and started to attack him and tried to pull him into a black van. That time he saw a blur of jet black fur and the sound of a gun going off as he blacked out. That time he had woken up in the ambulance with the police chief talking to the man in black just before they had drove off. The man had looked at the boy and Willie saw the pain and suffering this man had endured as well as the intense loneliness within those eyes. He had been fourteen at that time and he was slowly finding out that he was gay. He didn't know whether it's because he was suddenly attracted to the man or if he was in fact gay altogether.

Now that he was seventeen and a senior in high school, he was knew for a fact that he was gay. He feel in love with a college student who was eighteen, only one year older then him and been dating now for three weeks. His parents knew of him being gay and he was happy knowing that his family supported him. His father's business was already going to his older brother Charlie and he was already engaged to the beautiful Cassandra Watson, the police chief's daughter. So that left him open and basically can do anything he wanted. He was particularly a genius at computers and wanted to either to go into graphic design or computer programming but was deciding to do both instead. But one thing was for sure, he didn't have any real friends like his older brother did. Willie thought about it for the longest time and figured it was because of his asthma for one thing. He wasn't in any sports. Politics didn't interest him so he didn't join ASG. He didn't like reporters as they have always tried to dig up dirt on his private life to try and disgrace his family so he didn't go into the school newspaper. So the only thing that ever interested him was computers and designing his own games and creating programs. He was always plastered to his computer, always found typing away on his computer. And he was also into his text books, keeping up with his hard classes that nobody seemed to be in. He was in a whole different book within his studies from the other kids. He tried taking up tutoring but they all found him seemingly arrogant and disarming. He quit after the fifth student told him off.

Willie sighed, loving his girlish figure at that moment, though on later days he cursed it. He tried so hard to look manly but always failed. Willie watched the thugs movements. The two thugs were busy laughing at an old Rocky and Bullwinkle show and the leader was busy arguing on the phone. None of them looked at him. He then smirked, seeing the opened window near him, letting the cold air enter in the warm cabin. He looked at side and recognized the Purple Peak Mountains near Seri. The mountain got its name from those seemingly purple peaks. Willie knew he was somewhere close to Fayte. He needed to escape and use the whistle to call Fayte and get out of harms way. He looked at the thugs and watched as one had milk running down from his mouth, laughing. He quickly squeezed his hands through the handcuffs, keeping his arms behind his back just in case the leader should look his way and notice anything. Once Willie was sure the close was clear, he slowly stood up and climbed out the window. Once his feet was on the ground, he quickly took off running towards the woods. He didn't think of the outside guards as they suddenly came around the house and shouted. He just kept on running, hoping that his asthma wouldn't flair up and stop him. He prayed to at least get into the safety the trees provided so he could use the whistle. He was suddenly glad that it was still dark out even though he could tell a few rays of golden sunlight over the horizon.

Once safe in the trees, he then began to use the whistle, hoping that Fayte could hear him. He kept running and using the whistle even when he stumbled and fell, only to pick himself back up and continue to run. He then heard his captors behind him and the growling of several dogs. He didn't think of that part. Suddenly, it started to snow really hard and Willie was almost glad though he didn't have a coat. But he knew help was on the way and could only hope that he could last that long. Suddenly, his feet hit air and he tumbled down a hill, hitting rocks and twigs along the way. He heard something snapped and cried out as pain shot through his leg. He laid, panting at the bottom, waiting for something to happen, exhausted. He heard his captors above him and then that's when he looked up to something white standing over him. It was the same wolf who had saved him from drowning.

'Hold on, little one,' she said in his mind. 'He's on his way.'

"So you can talk?" he asked, looking behind the white wolf to the man in black. "I think I'm going crazy now." He didn't see the look of horror on the man's face as he blacked out.

Fayte didn't leave not one of the captors alive, even to their dogs was finished. The leader slowly came up to them and Fayte knew that he had to have him alive. He used his super speed to knock the man out and then placed a beacon within the man's jacket. Fayte then began to dial the chief's cell and waited for him to pick up. Fayte then walked down to Willie and checked his pulse. He sighed in relief as he felt it. He then looked at Blizzard as she laid close to the bleeding boy.

"Watson here," Watson spoke as he picked up.

"Follow the beacon," Fayte told him. "I'm taking the boy to my cabin. Broken leg."

"Understood." Watson stated as they both hanged up.

Fayte sighed and knelt to the boy. He then looked down at Blizzard and smiled. "Thanks for staying with him while I and the others took care of them."

'Naturally,' the female stated. 'But this is only the start of something more, Fayte. He can understand me.'

'The pup will survive,' Fang stated. 'But that leg looks real nasty.'

'We should take care of it now, not latter.'

Fayte sighed fishing in his inside jacket pocket for a bottle and needle. "I was going to give this to Ginger, but she's in need of something stronger now." He then measured the right milligram and found a vein in Willie's arm to administer the drug. He then went down to Willie's leg and felt along it. Being a genius, he's accomplished something that doctors could only dream of. He could figure out what he needed to mend without an x-ray. He set the bone and looked around as a grey wolf came bounding over with a stick in its mouth. Fayte took it and saw that it was a complete fit. Another wolf had the same exact look-a-like stick of the same height. He bracket them to either side of Willie's leg and taking some cloth from a different side pack from his ammo, he bandaged the sticks to Willie's leg. Fayte sat back, sighing, smiling at his handy work. Fayte took off his jacket and carefully put it around the boy. He then picked the boy up within his arms, carefully as to not jar his leg anymore then was necessary.

"Do you think Aggie is up to healing today?" Fayte asked the wolves. Aggie was a spiritual healer living with in the mountains. She was the one who taught Fayte of the special wolves within the Purple Peaks and was the one who taught him his medicine on certain elixirs. She was graying old woman and sometimes seemingly senile. Fayte shook his head, making the long trek home with his wolves.

'Possibly,' Blizzard stated. 'We should ask her but first we need to get him into the warmth.'

'Farris, Penguin, and Bane will stay here to make sure Watson gets here,' Fang barked.

Fayte didn't say any more as he continued on home.

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