Chapter 2

Fayte walked into his cabin and was startled to see old Aggie sitting in the chair close to the fireplace with already a fire roaring in welcome. He raised an eyebrow as he walked over to the right of her to open his bedroom door with his foot. He didn't have to ask Aggie to follow as she got up herself and followed him. Aggie had long graying hair, sticking out in places like it was alive. She wore a simple brown dress and black shawl. Her face was wrinkled and her hands tend to shake at times. Fayte never had asked her just how old she was but for all he knew, she could be over a hundred years old.

"I knew you needed me, Fayte," she commented. "The spirits told me that a young man was to enter your life with a broken leg.

"Ah, so that's why you're in my home," Fayte stated. Truth be told this was the first time she's ever set foot into his humble abode. "The spirits."

Aggie snorted. "If you would just believe in them, they will tell you their secrets as well as you being my successor. I'm an old woman at her wits end."

Fayte sighed. "Why would I believe in them when they didn't tell me that my mother was to die in my hands?" he growled, not really wanting to talk on the subject.

Aggie chuckled, grabbing his chin. "Oh, I think you understand them well enough, Fayte. After all you did help out Willie and his family that fateful day."

Fayte pulled away, crossing his arms. She was right in one perspective but he really didn't want to talk about it. The only thing he could think about was Willie.

"Can you please heal his leg?" he asked, exasperated.

Aggie shook her head. "The leg has broken through some muscle. But I'll see what I can do." Aggie looked down at the leg and blue light came from her hands as she moved up and down Willie's leg about five inches away from his actual skin. After several hours, she started to sweat but soon she stood back and sighed. Fayte to the initiative to lead her back into the room they had vacant and set her down in the chair.

"I've done all I've can, Fayte," she told him. "Now it's only time until it fully heals. He'll be here for a month or more."

Fayte groaned. "Great. I do hope his parents are going to be sensible and not try to stay here."

Aggie chuckled. "I'll stay here instead. Senile old bat does have its ups."

Fayte hugged her. "Thanks Aggie."

"I didn't do it for you. I did it for Willie. He's going to need silence while he's recuperating."

Fayte snorted, releasing the senile old bat. "You are very cryptic, Aggie."

"Naturally." The old woman smiled. She then yawned. "I'll just sleep here." She fell asleep before he could say anything. He sighed and then looked at the clock, nearly 10. He sighed walking over to the phone. He then looked down towards the fireplace where Fang and Blizzard sat.

"Blizzard," he asked the white wolf, "would you go keep an eye on the boy? Let me know if he wakes up."

'For you, Fayte,' she said, 'anything.'

"Thanks," Fayte said. He then dialed the number for his father's house. He sighed in relief when his sister picked up rather then his father.

"About time you called," she said.

He was surprised. "How did you know it was me?" he asked her.

"Twin intuition." Fayte snorted. "And caller I.D. Sometimes you can be an idiot, Fayte."

'Sometimes you can be a blonde, Fayth. But you don't see me complaining or Rage."

Fayth paused for a second. "Where are you?"

Fayte sighed. "I had a mission that lasted longer then I thought." It was true. It was around four or five in the morning when he had found Willie and then several hours to get back home. Not to mention the healing that Aggie had done, which was what took the longest. "I'm afraid I can't leave this one yet."

Fayth then was coarse with him. "Oh, and what is it that has you away for so long?" Fayte could tell that she was getting upset. "Mom isn't going to be happy."

Fayte sighed. She really was like his mother. "I think it was Mom who orchestrated this out from above. You remember that boy I had saved the day Mom died."

"How could I forget?"

"He went missing the other day." He paused to let it sink in. "You know I couldn't say no to any mission that Watson would give me. He usually leaves me alone on today but he called me pacifically for this rescue mission."

"Have you found him yet?"

"I did, with the help of the whistle I had given to him all those years ago."

"So he used it knowing you would find him."

"Exactly. But when I got to him he was…" He almost choked on his words. A few tears actually escaped down his cheeks. "He was really beaten up not just from his fall but I also think his captors had beaten him. His broken leg was from his fall though."

Fayth gasped. He knew she was going through a motherly phase right then. "Oh my, I hope he's doing alright."

"For now he is. His leg was set back and Aggie had healed it as much as she could. As soon as I can though, I have to clean the other wounds. He should wake up within the few minutes."

"Oh good. Well, Mom would be disappointed that you wouldn't be coming."

Fayte paused. "You and I both know it's not Mom who would be disappointed. It's Father and Ginger."

"Well, Father will live once he hears what happened. And Ginger… well, you're going to have to make it up to her somehow. You know how much she adores you." Fayte looked over near the fireplace where Fang was laying near a basket of pups. He raised his head and nodded to Fayte. Fayte smiled.

"Blizzard just had her litter not to long ago. Would it be ok?" He didn't need to go any farther because he knew Fayth would get his message.

"Of course. She'll love one."

"Great. I have one just in mind for her." His eyes landed on the only white pup within the litter. He was a runt just as his mother had been and he didn't have any inkling of a doubt that this one would be as tough as his mother if not tougher.

"Will we see you tomorrow then? It is Ginger's birthday."

"Complete with her present."

"Then we'll see you then and I do believe Ginger would forgive you."

"Thanks, Fayth. Bye."

"We all love you, Fayte. Don't ever forget that."

"I won't, Fayth. I couldn't."

"Bye." With that they both hanged up just as Blizzard popped her head into the room.

'He's awake, pup,' she told him.

"I'll be there in a bit, Blizzard. Please stay with him."

Blizzard stared at him before heading back into the room. Fayte meanwhile had gone into the kitchen where he kept the huge first aid kit. He picked it up and then entered his room. He snorted seeing the boy looking at him, almost devouring him with his look. But he had to admit that he liked it….which scared him. Willie was way younger then him after all.

"Good," he stated. "You're up."

Willie didn't say anything as Fayte went to perch on the edge of the bed and opened the first aid kit. Fayte had to say that it was unnerving but he let it passed as he took out some q-tips and the peroxide. Willie watched as Fayte took the liquid absorbed q-tip and took his hand to clean the wounds there. Willie immediately pulled his hand away from the stinging pain going through it.

"That hurt!" he shouted.

"So he actually can talk," Fayte joked. He raised an eyebrow for a moment before he went for Willie's hand again. Willie pulled it closer to him with his other, not wanting Fayte get a hold of it. That was when Fayte's eyes darkened dangerously. "Fine. Suit yourself. Go ahead get an infection and then let the sickness take over, then tell me how sorry you are then when you should of let me clean those wounds." He crossed his arms to prove his point. Willie deliberated for a moment before sighing in defeat and passed his hand to Fayte. "That's what I thought."

Fayte took his time, making sure not one cut was over looked. He worked skillfully and with ease. He even let Willie clutch his arms when he got to the deep ones. Fayte then had Willie's face, hands, legs (being mindful of the broken one), and arms done with ointment and bandages on the worse ones and was soon onto his back. Fayte then took off Willie's tattered shirt and drew in a sharp breath when he saw the whip marks on his back. It brought horrible memories to him, ones that he didn't want to remember of his first few days within the police force when he first stared bounty hunting as a career. Those had been the days when he had turn cold and heartless. He would never admit it to anybody but his mother that it wasn't really her death that affected him the most, it had been those days of agony and seemingly despair before his brilliant mind looked for a way out.

Fayte frowned. Working quickly though skillfully to clean them. He then took ointment and placed bandages around his torso to stop the bleeding on those. Once done he stood up from the bed, threw away the used q-tips and put the rest of his items away for next time. He placed the first aid on the side of the bed where he could use it again tomorrow when he changed Willie's bandages. Or he would let Aggie do it.

"Done," he stated crossing his arms over his chest, looking at Willie. "I'll let you rest for a bit while I go make you something to eat." He then started out the door.

"Wait!" Willie called after him. Fayte stopped and looked at him. Eyes down cast, Willie thanked Fayte for his help. "I don't know what would of happened if you hadn't gotten to me in time, Mr. Fayte."

Fayte sighed. If it's one thing he hated, it's being called Mister. "It's Fayte if you please," he told him. "And you're welcome." Fayte paused in the door way. "Anything particular you would like to eat? If I do say so myself, I am a great cook."

Willie beamed at him. "Surprise me." Fayte raised an eyebrow and half-smiled at Willie. Fayte then nodded and left the room. Willie sighed, settling down comfortably in the bed, slightly dozing. He awoke next with the smell of food in his nose and Fayte shaking him gently awake.

"You can sleep later, boy," Fayte growled when Willie shook his head no.

"I don't wanna!" Willie muttered.

Fayte glared and then held Willie's nose. Willie jerked awake, glaring at a closely bemused Fayte. Fayte raised an eyebrow at him as the string of curse was directed his way. Fayte handed him his plate of food and Willie took it. Fayte rolled his eyes, watching Willie eat fast and placing a glass of water on the bedside table near him.

"Don't eat too fast," he stated crossing his arms, nearly glaring daggers at Willie. "You'll get a stomach ache." Willie stopped contemplating it before slowing down.

"What is this?" he asked through mouthfuls. "It's really good."

"It's chicken alfredo." Fayte stated walking towards his bathroom to go brush his teeth. "Eat all of it or I'll shovel the rest down your throat."

Willie gulped, knowing that Fayte could do it. Fayte continued to get himself ready for the day, thinking about what to do with Willie, after all, he had to put Willie in his bed due to the fact that his cabin had only one room. Fayte sighed. He knew he had to stay in the same room as Willie just in case that the leader some how had gotten away and was going to try to come back. Fayte smiled to himself, remembering the large couch that was close to his bedroom door and the only window within the room. He was just going to have to sleep there just until Willie's leg healed. Once he was done, Fayte went back into the room to grab Willie's empty plate and glass of water. He then started out the door but then stopped, dropping the glass ware and holding his right eye. He took it off only to see blood coming from it.

"Bane," he muttered before his eyes went wide and he looked as if he was shot. Willie had to admit that it was scary. "Farris!" he hollered before passing out cold on the ground.

"Fayte?" Willie called questionably. "Fayte?"

"Oh dear," came an old woman's voice. "Not the wolves."

"What wrong with him?" Willie asked the old woman, terror clearly etched on his face.

"Something must have happened to several of his wolves," the old woman answered. "Don't worry dear. He'll be up in a few minutes."

True to her word, Fayte started to get up, shaking his head to clear it. Aggie had been right about his bond with his wolves. He could feel their pain and he even had passed out when Farris had died. Fang and Blizzard came near him as he sat against the door jam. They whined, feeling the sense of lose as well as he did. Willie was shocked when he saw a few tears actually escaped Fayte's eyes. Fayte's hands came up to hug the alpha pair, bearing his head deep into their fur. Once he got himself under control, he looked up at Aggie.

"Aggie," he choked, "Farris is dead. He was shot in the heart while he was airborne to get the escaped captor. And Bane…." He chewed on his lower lip before he continued. "Bane will no longer be able to see out his right eye."

Aggie frowned in sympathy for him. She then bent down and hugged Fayte to her. "Shh," she cooed. "It'll be alright, Fayte. Watson will bring Farris's body and the wounded Bane to you. You'll see."

Fayte then let go of the old woman and stood up. He looked down at his feet and then started for the door. "I'm going to go cut some wood," was all he said as he grabbed his coat from the coat hanger by the door and his guns and was out the door; the alpha pair following close behind him.

Willie looked at the old woman. Aggie sighed. "Need to get this glass cleaned up," she said as she walked into kitchen for a broom and dust pan. Willie didn't say a word as he lay back down in the bed, being mindful of his broken leg, and fell asleep.

Fayte entered the cabin several hours later, carrying several things of fire wood freshly cut and ready for use. He put it in the corner of the living room where he had a pile growing. Aggie was sitting in the chair by the fire, seemingly asleep and Fayte could hear the boy in the other room sleeping. Blizzard was already in the basket with her pups, keeping them warm as well as feeding them. Fang stayed close to Fayte's heels, letting Fayte know that he was still here. Farris had been one of Fayte's favorites as well as Bane. With Bane's eye as it is, Fayte could not take him out hunting any longer but Bane was a good watch dog. As Fayte started dinner, he started to talk to Fang.

"I think we should take Bane to Ginger," Fayte told Fang.

'I think she would like that, pup,' Fang stated. 'She always had a soft spot for him.'

"I guess then the pup I was going to give to Ginger will stay here. As it is I would have had to take him back to train him. I think Bane would like that anyways."

'Agreed. And poor Penguin, she's going to take Farris' death the hardest. She was his twin.'

'But she does have Koru,' came Blizzard's voice from the basket. She started over to them and sat down by the fridge. 'I hope he can help her.'

Koru was Penguin's mate and by far the most capable to her help her in her time of need. Fayte looked out the window to see the large grey wolf sitting at the end of the drive way near Fayte's black motorcycle and car, waiting for her to return. Fayte then paused as the phone rang and he went to pick it up.

"Fayte here," he answered.

"I'm so sorry, Fayte," said the police chief, sadly. "I hate to tell you but one of your wolves is dead and…

"And one of them is wounded," Fayte stated. "I know. I felt it when it happened."

The police chief didn't say anything. "Roxanne is looking to Bane. She's a healer much like your Aggie but not as good as her. She says that Bane will be fine."

Fayte sobbed for a moment. "That's good. But he's not going to be able to hunt anymore. That is why I'm taking him to Ginger tomorrow. He'll love to stay with her."

"Ginger would love that. I'm coming over tonight with them. Oh, and Willie's parents want to see him. I do hope Aggie is there with you. His mother is thinking about staying with him. With Aggie there, it'll dissuade her."

Fayte sighed knowing that it might have happened like that and he was glad Aggie had decided to stay there to help with Willie. The senile old bat did have her strong points. Fayte then suddenly heard the door bell ring and he groaned. He took the cordless and went to his huge bay window that saw out to the front door.

"Who could that be?" he asked as he threw opened the curtains. His mouth immediately hanged opened as many cameras flashed before him and many of the reporters was shouting his name.

"Fayte," came Watson's voice, "who is it?"

Fayte yanked the curtains closed, horror clearly etched on his face. "Get your ass over here now, Watson!" he shouted into the phone.

"What? Why?"

"Turn your damn TV on and you'll see." Fayte heard the click of Watson's TV and the new cast came on.

'Fayte Winchester had just open his curtains and stood there looking at us,' came the female news reporter. 'This is the footage that we had captured.'

Watson laughed. "That is one face for the record books." Fayte growled.

'We are told by an outside source that Fayte Winchester is indeed the kidnapper of Laurence Anderson A.K.A Willie. One question that we would have to ask the famous bounty hunter is why did you turn to criminal activities? We will have more to this developing story when we return.'

"Wow. His mother works fast," Watson told him. "I just told her that you have Willie in custody now."

Fayte growled. "You better do something fast, Watson." Fayte quickly moved to the front door and leaned against it just as there was some pounding and people trying to get in through his front door. "Or I'll be charging you for a new door."

"Yeah. Yeah. I have a meeting with the reporters in a few minutes and will clear this out. I'll also call his parents and see if they can fix this."

"Question is: who told them that I was the kidnapper?"

"My guess is his mother. She seriously has selective hearing. It was his father who said that she would want to stay with Willie."

Fayte growled. "I don't have time to deal with overprotective mothers, Watson. Do something now!" Fayte barked.

"Yeah. Yeah. I'm going. I'm going. I'll bring Farris's body, Bane and Penguin by just as soon as I get these people cleared from your house."

"Thank you!" Fayte said relieved. He hanged up, growling for the fourth time, moving to the side and pushed the book case up against the door. "That should hold you for awhile."

Fayte then moved into his bedroom and sat at the foot of the bed to turn on the only TV in his house. He took one glance at Willie to see that he was still asleep so he kept the volume down on low. He quickly tuned it to the news and watched in anticipation for Watson to come on to clear his name. Aggie looked into the room and shook her head, muttering to Fayte that she'll finish making dinner.

'We are back and still waiting for some answer to the famous bounty hunter who allegedly kidnapped Andrew Anderson's son Willie. We asked Police Chief Cage Watson and he had this to say:' The scene moved to Watson standing at the podium directly in front of the police station, complete with cameras flashing, and him in complete officer uniform.

'I've known Fayte Winchester for years. When I heard of the Willie Anderson kidnapping I had pacifically called Mr. Winchester to rescue Willie, not to kidnap him. Fayte had used his many talents to get to Willie and actually rescued the boy. From the scene that several of my officers and I came to once Mr. Winchester had alerted me of the rescue, it looked to be a struggle between Fayte and the real kidnappers.' Fayte snorted, knowing he had let his instincts and protective nature of Willie to take over him and he had killed all but the leader. He was lucky that Watson had decided to save his ass. 'Willie had been whipped and beaten, as to the testimony of the leader of the captures, and had also broke his leg when he had fell into a ravine, as to the testimony of Mr. Winchester.'

There was several shouts and then one reporter was able to be heard. 'Shouldn't Mr. Winchester taken Willie Anderson to a hospital where he could be cared for and not to his house?'

'Mr. Winchester is, however, a doctor,' Watson continued. 'Lady Aggie of the Purple Peak Mountains took care of Willie's healing as well. Mr. Winchester is a gifted person and I have complete faith in Lady Aggie's healing abilities as well as Mr. Winchester's. No harm will come to the boy while under Mr. Winchester's care. Willie is in the most protective place within the Highlands.'

'Mr. Watson,' said a different reporter, 'what about the wild wolves Mr. Winchester keeps as pets? Couldn't they kill the boy?'

'Those wolves will not attack a human being unless directed so by Mr. Winchester. They are however protective of Mr. Winchester and it is ill advised to attack the man. They will not hesitate once in the protection of those in Mr. Winchester's sweaty but capable hands. If Mr. Winchester is protecting the boy, then they will protect them as well. I have yet to see those wolves attack a human being even when provoked. Mr. Winchester has trained those wolves with the outmost care.'

'We've heard that they have attacked the captors,' said another reporter. 'Shouldn't we take those wolves away from Mr. Winchester due to them being violent?'

Fayte growled. They could try but then Fayte would then turn into the violent man he can be.

'Would you take your dog away when he attacked the burglar entering your house?' Watson asked. He paused seeing the reporters shake their heads. 'It's the same thing. Willie's life was threatened and those wolves chose to protect him by the only way they know how. I tell you most of my officers have told me that they fell more protected when Mr. Winchester's wolves are with them. He has allowed us many times to borrow a few of his wolves. Recently, however, there was an accident to which left one of his wolves dead and another wounded. This was when we were catching the leader of Willie's captors. It was during this time that we noticed the leader's mechanical arm that had a hidden gun within it. He surprised my fellow officers and I and the wolves went after him, resulting in the one wounded and the other dead. Of the three wolves that had helped us, only one remain unhurt.' He took of his hat to reveal a graying head of hair. 'The police force and I would like to give our deepest apologies and sympathies out to Fayte and the rest of his pack.' He placed his hat back on his head. 'No further questions.'

Fayte's heart swam with emotion for a moment, a tear or two escaped his eyes. He then got control over himself and waited for more.

The scene moved back to the reporter. 'There you have it,' she said. 'We then move to Anderson hall to speak with Willie's parents when we return.'

Fayte groaned, placing his head in his hands. Of all the lousy ways to get noticed, it was his suppose kidnapping of Willie. He could only hope that his parents try to dissuade the press as much as Watson did and not keep up with the story of him kidnapping.

"What's going on?" came a groggy voice behind him. Fayte looked behind him to see Willie sitting up and nearly screamed in pain as he joggled his leg. Fayte sighed, getting up to walk to his first aid kit and pulled out some pain pills. He gave them to Willie and quickly went to the bathroom for a cup of water. He then handed them to the boy and then went to sit back down at the foot of the bed.

"Story short, someone leaked that I had allegedly kidnapped you," Fayte told him.

Willie nearly choked on his water. "What? But you didn't!"

"That's not what the press think. God damn media, don't know when to leave people well enough alone."

Willie had to agree with him. But he also had a sinking feeling that he knew who was behind the so called accusations against Fayte: his mother. Indeed he was proven right when his father stepped up to the podium directly in front of his house with his mother sobbing behind him.

'My wife and I would like to apologize to Mr. Fayte Winchester for these allegations against him. My wife wanted to someone to pay for the kidnapping instead of paying for it ourselves. Before Willie was kidnapped, we had a fight to which made him leave the house in a hurry and to him being kidnapped. My wife realizes that she used her selective hearing when Police Chief Watson told us that Willie was alright and safe under Fayte's protective custody. We wanted to make sure he was safe and when we heard that he was hurt and with a broken leg we were outraged that Fayte did not bring him to a hospital to be cared for. We also had forgotten that Fayte is a very practiced doctor and knew how to care for our Willie with the out most care. We would like to thank Mr. Fayte by giving him this tombstone for his loving wolf that had received the worst penalty to keeping our Willie alive.' He used his hand to point to the monument beside him and the cloth came down from it to reveal a large marble statue looking exactly like Farris. It was howling in to the wind or towards the moon. 'We realize this may not atone for these allegations and the invasion of his private property nor would bring his prized wolf back from the dead but we do hope that it will help in any way it can. Thank you. No further questions.'

Fayte was shocked. He looked at the statue and a few tears actually shed from his eyes. He would accept the gift and place it in the backyard of his home where he would bury Farris once Watson brought his body. It looked exactly like him. He almost shook his head at the rich folk, having the money to erect a statue that fast and actually get the right coloring for the wolf. He didn't want to admit it but he knew he was going to cherish it. He then shook his head, half-smiling as he turned the TV off and tossed the controller up to Willie.

"Here," he told him. "If you're going to be awake now, you can watch TV. Just don't turn the volume up to loud."

Willie couldn't say anything. He saw the tears in Fayte's eyes but didn't want to say anything. Blizzard the white wolf came bounding in the room just as Fayte exit the room and into the kitchen. Willie looked at her in question.

'I am Blizzard, pup,' she told him. 'Just what went on in here for him to almost tear up?'

"I'm not sure, Blizzard. Is he always that emotional?" he asked.

'Not really. He's never expressed this much emotion in one day. I think that it has something to do with this being his mother's birthday. His mother has always told him that he would do great things. She mainly pointed out that he would do great things for your family. I think this is her way of reminding him about what he is Fated to do. But he has shown a lot of emotion when it has something to do with us wolves. We are connected to him in ways that would be hard to explain, pup.'

"Like what?"

'He can feel when we get hurt. When I was about to have my pups, he felt it. He can feel when we die. Beside Aggie, he's the only human being that has ever been that connected with us wolves. You have some of that gift if you can talk to me, pup.'

Willie took that all in. "I guess when my parents erected a statue of the wolf that had died it struck a cord within him."

'They did what?' She thought for a moment. 'Yes, that must be it. Of the pups to have grown up with Fayte, Farris was one of his favorites. Bane would be pleased as would Penguin and Sophria."

"Are they related to Farris?" Willie asked, not really getting what she was talking about.

'Well, yes. Bane was Farris's best friend. Penguin was his twin sister and Sophria was his mate. Bane was wounded at the time Farris was killed and Penguin had witness it all. It is a sad day for us all.'

Willie was touched. They were almost exactly like human beings even though they were wolves. He was also touched that the white wolf was giving him private information about Fayte and his wolves. He had heard legends in school about the connection of ancient warriors had with a certain species of wolf. Most people thought the wolves to be dead, extinct, and the line of the warriors to have dissolved away. But it would seem that the wolves had some how survived and one of them was sitting in the same room as him not to mention talking to him. So he must have part of that line of warriors within his blood if he was talking to her.

"Thank you, Blizzard, for sharing that information with me. And my sympathies go out to Fayte and the rest of you."

He swore she smiled at him. 'No, thank you, Willie. I hope I can part with you some more advice and information through out your stay here.' With that she hopped off that bed and was out the door. He didn't know what she was meaning about that but he hoped he could actually get to know Fayte a heck of a lot better.