This poem is about my dad. I love my dad, he is my role model and probably the best man in the world. I hope that one in the future my kids have a father as good as him.

I am cheerful.
For I have an amazing father,
Who shows me the love I need.

I am blessed.
For I have remarkable dad,
Who always understands.

I am exultant.
For I have trustworthy faja,
Who I can always go to.

I am gleeful.
For I have a goofy daddy,
Who will always make me smile.

I am joyous.
For I have a wonderful papa,
Who makes me feel beautiful.

I am grateful.
For I have an amazing father,
I have a remarkable dad,
I have a trustworthy faja,
I have a goofy daddy,
I have a wonderful papa.

I am grateful.
Because I have a dad.

Today I went home sick from school, and was feeling pretty lousy when my dad came home from work early to takecare of me andthen realized that Ineed to be thankful forwhatI I am.