I'd trade my blue sky

For your grey

If it meant

You'd stop looking for rain

I'd make all your tears


If it meant

They'd never fall again

Can I be your serenity

Your calm before the storm

It wouldn't be right to depend on me

But better than you hurting alone

I'll smooth over every insult

Clean away every wound

I'll fight every battle beside you

Wage war in the sickness inside you

If it meant

You would want peace if you could

I'd give all my voice

For a song

If it meant

You'd hum in my absence

I'd take my bright eyes

Dim their glow

If it meant

Lighting your own presence

Can I be your tranquility

Your own heaven on earth

It wouldn't be right to believe in me

But better than you losing your worth

I'll kiss away every sadness

Sing away every fright

I'll hide every dark thought from you

Keep every evil beyond you

If it meant

You weren't afraid of the light