I wrote this for my Geography class since our teacher had been so pissed off with us but since he never asked for it in the end… might as well put my hard work to something, huh?, )

Strategy to Improve Grades

The first step I would do to improve my grades would be to stop studying just thirty minutes before the exam. In fact, I might (hopefully) even start studying at least the night before the exam so that I will have more things to read. Still, the best course of action would be to actually study about a month before the exam so that I will have more time to absorb it, and it will be easier to refresh my memory before the exam so that I will remember what I learn. If I understand instead of just memorizing, it will be more beneficial as I can apply it instead of just writing down the facts when the question is asking about the effects of said fact.

I could also start reading the questions before actually doing them. That way, I might actually answer the question instead of some random cut-off. I will also read both questions from a section from top to bottom instead of evaluating on how difficult it would be based on the first question, and will consider on how much I know between the two topics. I will not impulsively answer one question just because I have a mind-blowing answer for the first question and I have no idea what the second question is trying to tell me as the term used in the question is utter gibberish.

Speaking of terms, maybe I should memorize them a bit. I don't know half of what's going on and keep making random guesses when I see one that I remember being used but have no idea what it means. I should also memorize the processes correctly, and make sure that they do not contradict with their original meaning, which has happened on more than one occasion. Usually, my random guesses (predictably) end up wrong, and I unfortunately feel that I couldn't care less.

Ah, now we come to the part about my attitude towards the subject. I obviously need to do something to make me more motivated to study since I seem to lack the drive to study. However, there are few things in life that drive me to study. One is stress, another is pressure and the final one is seeing that I'm the only one not studying. Since the stress and pressure only comes the moment I see the exam paper in front of me, I will obviously have to keep looking around for signs of other people studying.

I could also stop treating a Geography exam the same way I treat an English exam – which means no more making up stories to get marks, and also using the terminologies that have been so nicely thought up of to cater to the specific needs of Geography students. I should start treating it the way I treat my some of my other subjects and should not treat it as a more insignificant subject just because Geography has absolutely no part in my future plans of education. I should take it more seriously as I will be sitting for the O level examination and it will be a disgrace to have a different grade scar my report should I receive one with a beautiful line of A's.

If all of this is futile, I shall pray to God more frequently in hopes that he will make me study, if no one else can.