She looked around her, seeing all the girls there. Some laughing, others talking, others crying. She felt something stick in her throat, tears welled up in her eyes. She didn't know what to do.

The bell had rung, signaling the end. The end of everything she had known for the past five years. Signaling the end of the routine she had gotten used to. It meant the end of what she knew. The end of familiar faces. The faces she had gotten used to seeing everyday would no longer be there. No more familiar smiles, good mornings or voices.

She didn't want to leave. She had grown used to the place, used to the rooms, the corridors and the grounds. What would she do now? A new building with a different layout meant she would get lost and be confused. It meant she would have to get used to new rooms, new corridors leading from one place to another. She knew she would get lost and be laughed at by the other people there. New people.

That was another problem. New people. She was too shy, too scared to go up to someone and say a simple hello. How was she going to get used to new people when she had just gotten used to people she had known for five years? She was good at making enemies though. She always said the wrong thing, or said something which she meant in a good way but others misunderstood and took it wrong, thereby becoming her enemies. And what about the people she knew? She wouldn't forget them, but would they remember her? Would memories be enough to keep their friendship alive? Would they remember the good times they had shared, all the fun things they had done together, all the times they had laughed, or cried? She would, but would they?

People came up to her. She looked at them and tried to smile. Instead she started crying. They hugged each other. The people she had come to love as family. And she was supposed to say goodbye to them. She couldn't. She just couldn't leave them. She couldn't lose contact with them. They all meant so much to her. Tears streaked all their cheeks.

"Oh come on guys" a girl laughed through her tears, "This isn't goodbye. This is see you soon. We won't lose contact. We're too close. We're friends and that's how we'll stay."

The girl smiled. Her friend was right. They would stick together, even if they didn't see each other everyday. After all, just because school had ended for them, it didn't mean so had their friendship. She felt happiness mingle with the sadness she felt. They would always be there for each other. She knew it.

This was written due to my leaving school. Form 5 (year 11) has ended and we'll hopefully be going to College after summer. Just a little drabble on how I feel about leaving not only school, but everything I know behind. Especially my friends, who have made my life worth living.