"And that's how it is… You just witnessed Sakura's strength."

Akera blinks.

"So… Sakura is a magical princess from another dimension and she came to earth to train and kill a wizard that has taken over her world?"

Ayame nods

"That's about it!"

Akera rests his head in his hands. I grimace. I still don't have a good feeling about Akera! I glare at him.

"And why were you standing behind the castle-décor with Daisuke?"

Akera looks up, surprised at the sharp edge in my voice.

"Daisuke called me over, saying something about needing help… He then tripped and knocked the castle down…"

I narrow my eyes.

"Then why were you acting so suspicious around Sakura?"

Akera blinks. Ayame, Kane and Michael stay silent and interestedly listen to the conversarion. Akera shrugs.

"Is it wrong to try and seduce a hot chica like Sakura? She's nicer than most girls I've ever met and she clearly is smarter than them…"

I feel my ears turn crimson. Damn you Akera… Suddenly the door slams open and Sakura stares at us pantingly.

"Daisuke.. is… possessed! …Ayame… help … me.."

Ayame quickly walks over to Sakura and hugs her brotherly.

"Shh, it's okay, Sakura, just breathe and we'll free Daisuke-kun, okay?"

Sakura nods mutely. Ayame glances at the others and smiles.

"Do you guys want to see something amazing? Follow us."

Sakura steps away from Ayame and walks through the corridor. Ayame, Kane, Michael, Jesse and Akera follow her. Sakura goes down a stairs and the group find themselves in the basement. Daisuke is strapped on a table, his eyes completely black, even the white of his eyes, and his skin gray. Akera gasps.

"What the fuck is wrong with him?!"

Kane answers while Sakura and Ayame prepare to get the demon out.

"He's possessed by a demon from Might, keeping Daisukes normal appearance costs alot of energy and the demon probably thought it wasn't necessary anymore, because we already know he's a demon."

Ayame stands by Daisukes head and Sakura by his feet. They both spread their arms and begin to chant:

"Oh everto , licentia is somes quod may vos nunquam reverto , reverto is somes ut suus erus quod vado in lux lucis! "

(Oh demon, leave this body and may you never return, return this body to its owner and go into the light! )

They both repeat the chant over and over again. Sakuras hair begins to float around her face, as if some kind of magical energy pushes it out of the way, it makes her look very enchanting... Suddenly Daisuke coughs and black fluid flows from his lips. The liquid slowly turns into the form of a man, his features covered in black. Sakura directs her half-open eyes to the demonesque shape in front of her and says:

"Sarachta as Kindum!"

The chains of light wrap themselves around the black shape and capture it. Sakura grimaces.

"Genitus! Ego deleo vos ex vultus orbis terrarum!"

(Begone! I erase you from the face of the earth!)

The demon dissapears and the chains fall on the ground. Daisuke opens his eyes and Sakura smiles relievedly.

"Thank god you're okay..."

And Sakura collapses!