Intense heat surrounds me, burning my throat and lungs as I breathe. Pain soars through my body and I part my lips to scream, but my voice is trapped inside my throat. I open my eyes and only see black, black flames are surrounding me, reaching out to me, hungering for me. I curl up, trying to edge away from the hungry tendrils of black inferno. I hear deep laughter rumbling through the flames, making me feel uncomfortable. The voice sounds familiar in its superior demeanor:

"Welcome, little Princess, welcome to my realm! I see that you've defeated my underling, I'm impressed, I didn't expect you to be advanced this much…"

My gray eyes widen as I recognize his voice. That deep, maniacal voice… It's Might! I edge away from the voice and I feel the heat of the flames closely behind me. Suddenly the flames part and I see a dark figure, his features hidden in obsidian shadows. He slowly walks towards me, his feet leaves scorched prints on the grey, soot-stained ground. I edge backwards, the flames dangerously close. He crouches in front of me and reaches out his hand. He cups my cheek in his charcoal hand and I flinch. He roughly grabs my chin and tilts my head upwards, to look at my face. I'm unable to move, surrounded by flames and cornered by the one who slaughtered my mother, my father and my brother. His lips curve into a smirk as he looks at my terrified expression.

"Is the little Princess afraid of me? How endearing…"

His claw-like nails dig into the soft skin of my cheeks and chin. I whimper softly, unable to hide my agony. He seems pleased. Suddenly the flames disappear and a white light illuminates my surroundings. I turn around and see a figure of a guy. I can't see who he is, because the light seems to come from behind him. His presence seems to strengthen me and I feel my power in my whole body. I am strong! I smirk at Might and he seems surprised. He parts his lips to taint me more with his low and disgusting voice, but I am faster and punch him. Claws of silver slide out of my knuckles without me having to say the incantation and rip his skin. Might glares at me and turns to flee.

"This is not the end! I shall return and then you'll both pay!"

Might disappears and the guy walks to me. He offers his hand to me and smiles. I still can't see his face, but I do see a faint trace of scarlet. I place my hand in his hand and he pulls me upward, wrapping his arms around me in the process. His lips meet mine before I can react and he kisses me. My eyes widen and I stare at him. But then… I feel his warmth and his soft lips… I slowly close my eyes and answer his kiss as we both slowly fade away into the darkness…

"..kura, Wake up Sakura!"

My eyev snap open and I stare at Jesse, his scarlet eyes shine worriedly and his hand is wiping the sweat from my forehead. His lips curve into a smile as he sees that I am awake.

"Thank god you're awake! I was afraid you were in a coma!"

I slowly rise, my cheeks and head burning. I'm in my room, on my bed. I glance at Jesse, wondering.

"Where…are the others?"

My voice sounds hoarse and hurts my throat, as if I have been screaming my lungs out. Jesse gently places his hand on my back and supports me. He smiles at me.

"Kane is on a date, Michael is training and Ayame is out to get you some medicine."

I twitch my lips, of course, that's so typical of those guys… I laugh merrily and surprise Jesse.

"Hahha… th..that's so.. hahah… typical! Hahahaha!"

Jesse laughs with me and we both fill the house with laughter.


Sakura seemed a bit different when she woke up, I couldn't quite put my finger on it but chose to ignore it… She tried to ignore it and who am I to tear down her defences?

"What happened with Daisuke? Is he alright?"

I nod smilingly and Sakura sighs relievedly. I never realized how powerful Sakura actually is. She looked so… different when she was using magic… I grin at her and gently tug a strand of hair behind her ear

"Thank God you're okay…"

She suddenly reaches up and wraps her arms around me. I embrace her back and we just sit there, hugging eachother. Sakura shifts and her soft voice tickles my ear as she whispers gently into my ear:

"Thank you for saving me…"

Before I can react on her confusing words, she collapses against my chest, asleep.