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A guy suddenly appears in the opening that the monsters created. He has long, silver hair and blue eyes.


The guy looks surprised.

"'re discovered?!"

I see Sakura crawl further into her wings.

"Leave me alone. Both of you, LEAVE ME ALONE!"

She sounds mad and confused. Suddenly the guy grabs my arm and drags me out of the building.

"Sakura, we'll wait for you at home."

The guy drags me to a car and pushes me in.

"Wha.. What are you doing? Where are we going?"

"To Sakura's home."

I blink. So he is the brother she talked about!

"What was so important that you couldn't even have a break to pick up your sister?"

The guy narrows his eyes.

"Something very important."

"More important than your own sister?! Your own flesh and blood?!"

"Just leave me alone! Don't meddle with my business!"

The guy is mad. He stops at a white house with cute little flowers in the front-garden. He steps out of the car and tells me to step out as well. I do so and follow him into the house. He sits down and looks at me, his chin resting on his folded hands.

"Tell me, how did you discover her secret?"

I blink. He want to know something like that while his sister is probably crying in a place full of monsters!

"She gave me the last school-umbrella and I went back with an extra umbrella, so she could go home. When I arrived at the school, she was nowhere to be found. I saw light in the gym and I thought she could be there. When I tried to open the door, it was locked. I went from the back door, not much people now about that door, and saw Sakura dance and sing. After awhile suddenly wings appeared. That was how I discovered her secret."

The guy looks surprised.

"So you wanted to help my sister? You wanted her to go home?"

Huh? Isn't that clear?

"Yeah, isn't that normal? Helping a friend out?"

"A friend?! You mean, you met her before the incident?"

"Yeah, I'm her classmate."

The guy looks really confused. Suddenly the door opens. Two guys step in. One of the guys has red hair and green eyes, he has a dangerous look in his eyes.

"I'm Michael"

The other guy with blue-like black hair and dark-blue eyes smiles sadly at me.

"Hi, my name is Ayame. Nice to meet you, Jesse-kun"


I breath deep in and out. I need to relax. If I keep stressing like this than the consequences may be horrible. I feel empty. I should go home and dispose of Jesse, if I don't do so then He could find me. That has to be avoided. Nothing will come between me and my destiny. Nothing!


"Oh, I almost forgot. My name is Kane"

Who are these guys? They told me their names, but what are they for Sakura?

"Who are you guys?"

They look at each other and say the answer at exact the same time:

"We're her brothers, of course!"

OMFG! SHE HAS FUCKING THREE BROTHERS? They laugh at the sight of my face. I would laugh too. I know I look like an idiot like this, that was always so and will always be so.

"It isn't like that. We're not related by blood. We just are bounded to the same fate, our fate is to protect Sakura and to prepare her for her destiny"


"Yes, her destiny as the messiah, the one that will free our world."

Their world? What is he saying?

"What do you mean?"

"You see, Sakura isn't meant to be on earth, she is originally the princess of another world, in a distant dimension, Htrae. But she had to flee from Htrae and come to earth, because it is taken over by the evil Lord Might."

She is from another dimension? She was a princess?!

"He killed the whole royal family before the eyes of Sakura. The blood of her mother, who has loved her with a warmth that exceeds even the sun, flowed onto her pearl-white dress and colored it blood-red. Sakura couldn't take it and was on the edge of mental destruction, when the loyal guards tried to hold Might back. They died but we three, could flee with her. Sakura remained in a trance, which allowed her to communicate with the dead. When we were safe, Sakura opened a portal to earth, the world her mother has told her about. The world filled with people who don't know about the magic surrounding them."

I blink

"So you guys are actually from an other dimension, and are currently hiding from that Might-guy?"

The guy named Michael suddenly stands up, his eyes burning with anger.

"NO! We ain't hiding! We are training Sakura, so she can defeat Might and save our world!"

Kane tries to calm Michael down and Ayame goes on with the story

"When our world was taken over by Might, a prophecy was made:

Once in the thousand years shall be born a messiah.

Her power will be never-ending.

She will be the one that will make our world be ours again.

But when the evil is destroyed, the chosen one will die.

And our beloved Sakura-chan is the messiah. The first one. If she fails, then our world will have to wait a thousand years for their liberation."

"Just one thing, why is it that she was in such a shock when I saw her wings?"

Michael starts to yell at me.


The words of Michael lets the last pieces of the puzzle fall into place. She was so afraid, because she knew she wasn't ready for Might. She was terrified by the thought of the possibility of the killer of her family coming to here, the place she thought that was safe. Suddenly the door slams open. Sakura is in the opening.

"Hi Sakura-chan! We just explained everything to Jesse-kun here."

Sakura looks different, as if she is drained from all emotions.

"No need to explain further, because I cannot allow him to survive! I wont let anyone come in between me and my destiny!"

She suddenly takes out a sword and jumps towards me! Before she can harm me, a chain wraps itself round her waist.

"Ugh! What are you doing Ayame! I need to protect my secret!"

Ayame looks so different, his kind eyes are serious.

"No Sakura-chan! This isn't what you really want! If you kill him now, then you'll regret it for the rest of your life!"

The chain wraps itself round her wrists too and a cage appears, locking her in like a mad little bird.

"Let me out!"

"No can do Sakura, you're taken over by your dark side again!"

Kane smiles as he says those words. I think Michael sees my confusion.

"Hey guys, I think our little detective over here needs a little more information to solve this mystery!"

Ayame looks at me and smiles

"Did you hear the song Whisper?"


"She wrote that song, telling about what she felt when she saw Might kill her parents. In the song she also says that she can stop the pain if she wills it all away. So she created another personality. If she is very troubled or scared, she flees from her consciousness and her dark, emotionless side takes over. Her real personality is still there, but its just watching, whenever she wants to come back, she can come back."

So she has developed a second personality, all because of the fear for Might! I want to help her, protect her! I want her to trust me! I walk towards her.

"What are you doing! You'll get killed!"

I ignore them and continue walking to Sakura

"Sakura, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you. I wont tell anyone. Just trust me, give me the chance to help you. I want to be your friend, I want to help you. You saved my life, Sakura! Let me help you and I wont let you down!"

Suddenly she slashes my arm open. I flinch at the sudden pain, but I wont give up!

"I wont hold you, I'll stay here until you realize that I'm not dangerous! I don't care if I die!"

She blinks and I see her emotions come back in her eyes.

"Really? Will you keep my secret? Will you help me?"

I nod and bow

"Yes, my princess from Htrae. I swear loyalty to you!"

I hear her giggle. I'm glad she can laugh again. I didn't think my life would change so much when I went to Dream Academy!