The Frogman

From the mind of Samuel Harkness

Chapter one: The Deep Drop

He sat in the back of the cargo hold as the German Transall C-160 powered through the purple blue skies over north-western Russia.
Alone by choice, he seemed calmed and relaxed while reading through a book titled "Advanced English for Germans".
Every now and then he would look up at the red light that illuminated the far side of the bay.
Suddenly a voice came over the speakers, talking in a German accent.
"We are approaching 30,000 feet. 5 mins to the drop zone. Frogman, prepare to jump".
The red light turned green and the man got up from his seat and approached the docking doors at the rear of the plane.
Dressed entirely in black, the man looked like a shadow. Black body suit, black combat webbing, black boots, even the portable underwater propulsion device, or UPD, that he wore on his back was painted black..
The only thing that wasn't was the slim line air tank strapped to his chest. Which was standard equipment for any soldier attempting to make a HALO jump.
High Altitude, Low Opening. A common tactic used by marines all over the world when trying to infiltrate enemy territory undetected.
But this man was no ordinary marine. He was a Frogman.
A member of an elite military force in the German navy called the Prima Kampfschwimmer. One of the most effective naval forces in the world, on par with the US Navy SeALS.
The name Frogman was given to them for their amphibious nature and also because of their choice of headgear. A large motorbike-style helmet with an in-built air tank and two bulbous eye lenses designed for use in and out of water. It truly did make him look like a frog and it too was painted black.
"Approaching drop zone in 2 mins", the pilot announced through the speakers. "Opening cargo bay".
The giant jaws of the Transall's large cargo bay doors opened and the purple sky lite up the dark interior with an eery glow.
The Frogman stood in the middle of the opening, the wind rushing past him, trying to suck him outside.
He looked down at the book still in his hands and threw it out into the sky.
"Schutt", he said to himself as he did so.
The pilot came back onto the speakers. "Drop zone is in 5..4..3..2..1!"
The Frogman ran down the cargo bay ramp and swan dived out into the sky.

Falling, and fast. The air shot past him as he dove toward the sea below. As he got closer, he could make out the white outline shape of the Russian coastline. It surprised him that anything of value could possibly be kept in such a harsh environment.
As he fell, his mind flashed through the details of the mission briefing he had just moments ago.
Secret bunker located underwater off the coast of northern Russia that contains a highly prized item sort by the German government.
Infiltrate bunker according to the intel provided
Item is to be retrieved and its integrity maintained.
Rendezvous with Russian ally to fly item back to Germany.
Protect item at any cost.
The intel was provided by the notorious intelligence agency, GSG 9. The German equivalent of the CIA. An organization of spooks and soldiers specializing in Intelligence and counter terrorism.
They were the ones who discovered the location of the item and was therefore considered top secret. Even the Frogman had no idea what he was retrieving.
His mind flashed back to the present as the sight of the ocean below began to rush up toward him.
Once he reached a certain height, his chute opened automatically and forced his body to jerk upwards like a rag doll.
With his descent dramatically slowed, he disconnected his harness and plunged into the icy water below.
Despite the freezing temperatures, his black polypropylene body suit kept him warm and the air tanks in his helmet allowed him to breathe easily.
He removed the UPD from his back holster, flicked on the light and sped off into the darkness. In search for one of the most secret prizes in German history.