Scarlet Willow

Through the rain I could see him stand
With his guitar and without the band
Carefully I reached out my hand
But he didn't move
Maybe I should let him be
Or maybe I should speak
He is standing there under the scarlet willow

It is winter and I freeze
I see Jack Frost in the debris
His setting his mind at ease
But there is no way
All I want to do
Is to say hello
He is standing there under the scarlet willow

Across the highway a blind boy stands
He's ready to cross if he takes the chance
Cars are all hissing past
Free-wheeling down the highway
He shall be free
But I want him to be
Standing here under the scarlet willow

The scarlet willow is still here
I never want it to disappear
Because I have it so dear
Even when it's gone
I will remember it
As a signpost in my life
And I'll stand with him under the scarlet willow