Something shook her awake.

Startled, she sat up and realized she was gasping for air, in a damp, cold and foggy environment.

Well there hell was she?

"Where the fuck are we? No-one else knows so you must!"

A man who needed a shave badly was leaning over her. Eyes large with fear and questions, she sat up and tried to breathe normally. She looked around – there were six other people in the room, including the man next to her.

"WHERE THE FUCK ARE WE!" a young girl, probably 18, came at her and pulled her hair. "Tell me! Tell me! Tell me!"

Her eyes were blazing and she was definitely going crazy.

The man who had been talking to her stood up, grabbed the girl and threw her to the other side of the - what seemed to be a room.

Her head made a sickening crack against the concrete wall – when she hit the floor, blood flowed from her head and all around her.

She was still alive. It was unbearable for the others to watch. She groaned and raised her hands to her head and back down again, eyes rolling vividly around her head – she was fitting.

"What the fuck is wrong with you? What did she ever do to you?" screamed a middle-aged woman from the opposite side of the room.

"She's been screwing around like that for three hours! Unless you wanna end up like that – " and he pointed to the girl, now writhing around on the floor, like a dying bug " – I'd shut up if I were you."

She slammed around on the floor, flinging arms and twisting her body, blood covering her face, a split in the back of her head. Her brain was now visible – several of the onlookers retched or vomited.

She started making sounds, "waaaaaaarrrgggurrgle" "woooooooo" and more screams.

On her knees now, her eyes rolled back into her head and she slammed down onto the floor, face first – head split in a perfect half.

Two of the onlookers fainted, leaving 4 persons in the room fully conscious and alive.

The woman who had just been awoken by the killer, while his back turned, approached him and held two of her fingers to his throat. Having learnt Japanese fighting skills as a teen, she knew it all.

Her victim passed out onto the floor, in a deeply breathing heap.

"He was too dangerous. I'm Amy." she said.

She walked over to the fainted victims and held their heads in an odd angle, so the air from their lungs would wake each of them up.

"I'm Amy." She said again.

They sat up, dazed, and looked over to where the now dead girl lay, covered in blood.

"Please don't pass out again. It's over she's dead." Said Amy.

They looked over at the killer, and sighed. They were somewhat safe.

"For those of you who don't already know, I am Amy. We are in a Cambodian torture chamber – used to be an old hospital. If Im correct, this is only one room of hundreds filled with instruments of torture – " she pointed to the floor where the corpse lay " - and corpses. What I haven't worked out is the reason we are here – but bear with me and try not to get yourselves killed."

Four heads nodded in agreement and acceptance - there were five survivers altogether.

The middle aged woman came up to Jackie.

"I'm Sylvia. I came here on holiday with my family – 3 kids and my husband – I've heard about the Cambodian torture rooms before – they're very old and haven't been used for years and years, why would we be here?" she inquired.

"I'm John. I came here to meet a Cambodian pen pal of mine. I have no idea how I got here or where I was when I was brought here."

"I'm Jenny. I'm a tourist and have been here with my friendship group for a few weeks now."

"I'm Jack. I'm a helicopter pilot and I flew from Australia to here to drop off some wealthy tourists. I have no idea how I got here – that guy you just knocked out is Sam."

"The dead girl is Betty." Said Sylvia.

That made seven prisoners in the Cambodian torture "Hospital". Two lay on the floor – unconscious or dead. Sam started to stir.

"Shit." Said Sylvia and glanced over at the corpse of "He said I'm next. What am I going to do?"

Before Sam could fully arouse from his disturbing slumber, Amy did the same thing with her fingers against his neck – except this time she held it there until he stopped breathing altogether.

"I'm not a killer. I'm a defender." Said Amy.

Sylvia sighed a sigh of relief.

"Thankyou." She said.

The other people were quiet, still taking in where they were – and trying to figure out why they were here, and how they got there in the first place.

The fog that had been there previously was now only a clear, yet still slightly visible mist. It made their breathing raspy and deep, like a passive smoker's breathing – none of them smoked.

"Well I'm getting out of here. Even just this room – I want to breathe air again." Said Jack.

The others agreed – and followed him out of the room.