As you guys are probably aware, I've taken down the chapters of Illusoire. I'd been thinking about doing this for a while now, long before this thing ever happened with Myrika, because I would actually like to try and get it published some day. The only reason I didn't was because I didn't want to disappoint those of you who were reading it. Once all this happened, it just solidified my opinion that this needed to come down. Especially since when I did a search, I found that I had been plagiarized again as well. It had happened before, I emailed the site, and they removed the story. Unlike Myrika, I've never had anyone try to sell it, just claim it as their own. It's still not something I want to happen to this story.

When I started writing Illu, I wasn't entertaining any thoughts of anything except getting the characters out. I know it needs work, and I appreciate the comments, suggestions, and feedback from all of you more than you know. I'm not going to give up writing, but I am going to give up posting on Fictionpress. After ten years, it's time.

If I ever do manage to get it published, I'll try to make sure I find a way to let you guys know.

Much love,

Qwerty -

To be honest, it's kind of hard to take you seriously, because all you've done is take potshots at me, rather than tell me anything constructive. Your comments are designed (and fail) to make me feel badly about my writing and myself. Not everyone likes the same things. Millions of people read Stephen King. Personally, I hate him. It happens. Everyone has different taste. You don't like my work? I'll live.

I know my writing's not perfect, and I also know that Illu is not publishable in its current form. Contrary to what you seem to think, I'm not an idiot. But I would never, ever harass anyone on this website like you've been doing to me just because I don't like their work. When I start a story and don't like it, I stop reading it. I don't email the author and tell them how bad they are, especially not with rude, immature, and insulting reviews. Seriously? Grow up.

I would email you to ask you what you didn't like about my story, but shockingly, you didn't leave me an email address. I guess you just wanted to get your jabs in and run to hide. I have no problem with people criticizing my work. In fact, I prefer it over "omg, this is great i luv this" because it helps me improve. But there is a difference between "you suck" and "this is why I don't like it."

Please find something constructive to do with your time instead of wasting mine. Thanks.