Sorry, there might be some spelling errors, tell me if there are, besides the gibberish words (Stupid old computer logs me off every time I spellcheck.)

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Fibbark(Fib-arc)- Known scientifically as Master of the 4th Dimesionous Fibarkous, this sea-dwelling creature is a mix between a fish, a bat, and a shark, but is on average 100 times bigger than a normal human. Its food usually consists of any meat it can find, including humans and the occasional smaller fibbark. It's found mostly in the Medditerainian, but some have been spotted in the burmuda triangle, explaining many mysteries.

Shmirgy whirgy(Shmer-gee wer-gee)- an expression of disapointment or annyonce.

Polaron (poe-lar-on) A particle that does not respond to ordinary atoms but instead tends to gravitate around the magnetic fields of photons. If a photon strikes another magnetic field with sufficient force, there is interference in both fields and in this interference and only during this interference period may a polaron be induced to react with normal matter by plunging through the much stronger magnetic fields of matter and destabilizing any atoms below it. If the molecues are tightly packed together e.g. in a solid, the van der Waal's forces are powerful enough to prevent total disintergration. However, this is not so for liquids or gases. Luckily, polaron collisions are relatively rare, and their effect on the environment is minimal.

Insayne (IN-SAYNE)- The ability to remove your senses, emotions, and other such fogging abilities to view the world in a clearer view, with several side effects, such as randomness, and very bad things.

Interuniversal ladder(in-ter-u-ne-ver-soul lad-er)-A ladder that can serve as a portal to different universes, or to clime over obsticles like a pit, a cliff, or an unblelivibly large mountain of caramel. Only five were ever made, due to a recall involving somthing about "the fabric of time unraveling".

Technobabble (or Magibabble, or plain babble) is often a side-effect of insaynity. This is so because removing sensitivity from your being usually results in a shorting out of the main n-polarity anodes in the brain stem, giving of high-energy polarons that effect thinking processes and begin connecting thoughts together in a large collection that usually exits through text or speech. However, for every n-polarity there is a p-polarity, resulting in confusion caused by buildup of the magical energies in a perpendicular universe within a rift caused by overuse of interuniversal ladders that warp reality and also unravel the fabric of the space-time-string continuum. These rifts cannot be closed without usage of a tachyonic conversion amulet, the whereabouts of which are currently unknown.

Blogical(bla-jic-all)- The illogical ramblings of a website.

Craziee Iggy(cray-zee ig-ee)- My brother after eating sugar.

Ork blood(orc blud)-The term used for whatever that comes out of an ork when it stabbed, shot, buried in pudding, or hurt in any other way.

Relitives' humididity(rel-it-tivs hew-mid-it-tee)- The amount of steam that comes out of a relitive's ears in their visit.

Chiwawa(chew-wa-wa)- An incredibly ugly dog that everyone thinks is cute.

Chiwawawa (chew-wa-wa-wa)- A genetically engineered dog that is incredibly cute, but everyone thinks is hideous.

Chiwa(chew-wa)- the anscenter of the chiwawa. Its incedibly ugly and everyone thinks its ugly.

Chia syndrome(chee-uh sin-drome)- Sudden death by over-annoyance of those silly chia commersials.

24-The real answer to life, the universe, and everything

Extasi (ECK-sta-see)- A state of mind in whch the person experiencing it is joyously happy, contented to the 9th power, and about to be hit by a bus (and too Extatic to know it).

Connect Ion (Con-ECT EYE-on)- A mysterious particle that comes into being IF AND ONLY IF these conditions are met: when the c, the o, the n twice, the e, the c again, the t on a keyboard are activated in that order, when an extra pulse of energy arrives from the space bar receptor after the previous, and when the i, the o, and the n are keyed in. This particle remains dormant and undetected deep within k-space until the document containing it is proofread. It then sends an invisible ray of energy (called a CKI-ray) into normal space and triggers a set series of responses deep within brain tissue at the exact time the eyes detect the connect ion. The responses are as follows: 1) The eyes blink, presumably to give time for the connect ion to retreat into k-space, 2) the hands clench into fists and 3) throw themselves down onto the desk, 4) the vocal chords vibrate and the mouth shapes itself in such a way as to make a sound simiar to "Dang it!", 6) begins rapidly stabbing the region of the backspace button (or close to it), and 7) single-handedly (or fingeredly) erases half of the document. In step 7, the connect ion usually perishes along with the rest of the data.

Woahwereis5(woe-ware-is-five)-What'll happen when you realize there is no 5 in the previous definition after you read this.

Ensign (EN-syn)- A junior rank of commissioned officer.

Insian (IN-syn)- Derivative of Insayne.

Insian Ensign (IN-syn En-syn)- Self-explanatory. Also fun to say over and over. Insian Ensign Insian Ensign Insian Ensign Insian Ensign Insian Ensign Insian Ensign...

! (unpronouncable) - Statement that can be anything you can imagine.

FZQTRYHLKGDYSPBNM(You excpect me to pronounce this?!)-the embodyment of !, so it is anything you want it to be, witch includes just the word !, but then the embodyment will be the word so he's an embodyment of himself, yet he exists anyway.

Distracted Writing Syndrome(dis-tract-ed rite-ing sin-drome)- Known also as DWS or DW Syndrome, the below is an example of it:
Once opon a time there was an evil cheese monster, he was terrorizing a village when... Ohh! I love cheese! Gudda is my favorite! Do you know why there is blue cheese? I don't. It's kinda funny. Oh! There's this funny kid in my class, his name is Master of the 4th dimesion, and he always...ect. ect.

Waittheresnojoke(wait-theres-no-joke)- When you realize there is no joke for the 2nd definiton.

Easyproblemistoohardia(e-zee-prob-lem-is-to-hard-e-ya)- The disease linked to not being able to do something easy, like answering 2+2 equals fish, or forgetting where your homework is, getting an 0 on the 100 point book report you know you did, and realizing you had left it at home because you had forgotten your tuba and the paper had dropped out of your pocket when you were running to get it.

Interdimesional Doorknob(in-ter-dem-en-shun-all dore-nob)- A doorknob that radomly selects a door anywhere in time and space via interdemesional and quantum properties. To activate you 1)Turn it on. 2)Stick the super-fine, fabric of time piercing needle into a surface, preferably one not made of antimatter, jello, or a Connect Ion. 3)Like a doorknob, turn it. 4) Push and hope there is not an Ork, Fibbark, or anything else harmful on the other side. Because it runs on a single double A battery, it takes quite a long time to recharge inbetween usages.

Boredoutofyourmindosis(bored-out-of-yore-mined-o-sis)-What happens when you have no new emails, all the forums you're part of have no new messages, the better computer is being used by your brother, sister, dad, or mom, and the only thing you can think of is typing yet another entry in the gibberish dictionary.