Note(note)- You're happy I'm back and writing, AREN'T YOU! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

Fort kno(x)cks(fort nocs)-a large fort with a lot of doors.

Transistional Fortranite (TRAN-zis-shun-al FOR-trin-ite) - A chemical formed as residue of certain warp engines. It usually floats in space, intangible and invisible, until some spaceship crashes into it and explodes (incidentally, when this happens, the Fortranite loses its transistional quality). The souls of the dead crew and passengers combine with the Fortranite and form protoplasmic beings (otherwise known as "ghosts") that go on to haunt space stations.

V.A.C.U.M.E.(vee-a-see-yu-em-ee)-Stands for Very Awesomly Cool Unatural enMey Entrapper. The newest equipment to fight and trap ghosts. Endorsed by Ghost busters.

Bronze (bronz) - A metal that bends easily. It used to be in wide production, but alas! No more.

Iron (EYE-urn) - A metal that is stronger than bronze. However, it rusts easily.

Steel (STEEL) - A metal alloy of iron and traces of chromium that is stronger than iron, but is more rust-resistant.

Fictionium (FICK-shun-ee-um) - A metal that is much, much stronger than steel, but can break down atomically if exposed to proof of its nonexistence.

Realium (REEL-ee-um) - A semimetal that has extreme quantum properties. In essence, Realium is extremely real, and cannot be annihilated by any form of matter or energy in existence. However, due to the immense quantum fluctations involved in keeping Realium real, Realium does not actually exist in any universe, therefore Realium will not bond with any atoms of any form, Realium atoms included.

Realion (REEL-ee-on) - A form of Realium where the Realium is subjected to a Trevors-Phalen mass centrosystemic field, which counters precisely 8.21 of the quantum fluctations keeping Realium out of any particular universe. This effect forces the Realium out of pure existence and as long as the field remains in place, Realium is stable and will bond with other atoms. However, using photonic transition devices to focus interuniversal energy onto the stable Realium can "capture" the centrosystemic field in the hyperrealistic spaces in between electrons. This converts the Realium into Realion, which can be transported outside the field without reverting to unstable Realium.

Fictionite (FICK-shun-ite) - A metal alloy of Fictionium and Realion. The realism of Realion negates Fictionium's tendency to disintergrate when confronted with proof of nonexistence. However, when bonded with Fictionium, the mass centrosystemic field within Realion slowly leaks out of the interelectronic space, which eventually leads to Realion reverting to Realium with catastrophic effects. For this reason, starships made of Fictionite (namely the Terra- and Polonius-Classes) must "recharge" the centrosystemic field once every 10 Earth-months. However, that is a small price to pay as Fictionite has almost no mass, allowing starships constructed with it to go at speeds much higher than before imagined.

Golowagiumite(Go-lo-wag-ee-um-ite)- Used to make materials that are in several uiverses at once, its name ogiginates from its 4 discoverors at once they are as follows:

. Golo heer(Go-lo hear) of the vacation universe of Rel-axe(rel-acs), on the planet of Soove(soo-vuh), in the star system of Eneer(en-ear).

waggel(wig-el wag-el) of the kenetic sub-universe of mohve(mo-vuh) on the space shuttle SS Ron ying.

living metal leader, Leadite(lead-ite), in the mines of Fogia(fore-gee-uh) in the interdemesional planet of rouk(rewk).

(lee-um)-of earth, in the very plain universe of universe. Because such a great discovery could never be made by a normal person, it is suspected that it is actually Master of the 4th dimesion, and that the element should be changed to Golowagstertite(Go-lo-wag-ster-ite).

Because such a great interuniversal elements has to be expesive, even if it is in great abundence, it is only used in the finest interuniverseal things(A.K.A. all of them), like the barbershop in the sky(previouly the sky in the barbershop), and the ice cream parlor on the dying sun. It was absolutely essetial to the UU(united universes) and is the sourse of power for Master of the 4th dimesion's time machine, fabric(of time) scissors, his paradox tool, and his interuniversal bike(also his interuniversal ladder, but its broken). Avoid at all costs.

Tardium (TAR-dee-um) - An subionic compound found within the lattices of most metals. Normally, Tardium has a beneficial effect to these metals, increasing the productivity of said metals by up to 10 due to reverse-engineered chronitons embedded inside most Tardium nuclei. These Tardium-infused metals was incredibly popular in the 22nd century for all sorts of things until they were introduced into the production of elevators and taxis. Due to the unique composition of certain parts in both elevators and taxis, the chronitons embedded inside the Tardium changed into those of an abnormal timespeed, therefore nowadays Elevators and Taxis are never there when you need them.

The barbershop in the sky(thuh bar-bur-shawp in thuh skye)- An barbershop that was lucky enough to be built on a prevously unknown interdemesional rift and was teleported to a interdemesional crossroad where the barbershop had the sky inside of it and was floating in space. It was like this until recently, and was named the sky in the barbershop. But, due to some idiot's incompetence, an air vent was installed. The sky excaped, and the barbershop is now floating in the sky due to the fact that there is no gravity. It is a place of strength, gusto, and the occasional italian gangster. For whatever strange reason, a jukebox has never been installed, so there is usually a very annoying barbershop quartet singing

The fabric(of time) scissors(thuh fab-rickuhve time siz-ores)- Scissors that are used for the wonderful hobby of time quilting.

Break-fast(brake-fast)- Breaking somthing so fast that it is invisible to the human eye.

Trevors-Phalen Mass Centrosystemic Field (TREV-orz FAY-len MASS SEN-tro-sis-tem-ick FEELED) - Discovered jointly in 2035 by physicists Frederich Trevors and James Kilroy Phalen. Used primarily to convert Realium to Realion, though it has had uses in other parts of the starship industry, mainly because of its containment field-like properties without many of the disadvantages, like "bleeding" or power loss through redirected magnetic forces. Although the centrosystemic field can be generated at relatively low-cost, the equipment required to do so is insanely expensive, though once the initial investment has been made, the machines will continue to operate for many years without much maintienence.

The ice cream parlor on the dying sun(thuh ice creem par-lore on thuh die-ing suhn)-In the year 2143.333333333393, an ice cream parlor space station was orbiting the then-dying earth, when the mutated plants made from world war 6 attacked the earth and sent it off its orbit, into deep space for 100,000 years until an interdemesional pioneer found it and salveged it, and started an ice cream parlor orbiting a dying sun, hence the name. the dying sun is inbetween existence and nonexistence, therefore the hottest sun currently known, besides Master of the 4th dimesion, and ice therefore the best place to get an ice cream cone and one of 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 flavors(1,999999 a scoop, due to massive infaltion)!

Time machine(tiem mush-een)-A very strange form of transportation that does not move through space, but time, hence the name. For some reason, humans are obsessed with making one of these"time machines", and all attempts at making one, by humans or otherwise, have failed, save for master of the 4th dimesion's time machine, but that's a given and was probably done entirely by accident.

Living Metal(liv-ing met-all)- A very strange species that developed from their planet's, (rewk) strange ability of randomly moving to other universes. Since the metal on the planet experieced tons of thousands of different laws of phyisics, the metal eventually got the abillity to walk, talk and think. The first form of living metal we know today.