alice in neverland

bloodshot eyes open to
pirate adventures &
fairy dust
(she's a little bitch too,
peter, please can i kill her...)
ohhmy not again
ticktock .
all over again and NO not
after i barely managed to
conform enough for queens
undo it all for lost boys
in skinned animal suits
and i thought i had escaped
i thought...but he came
into my life with his charming
smile (ohhbab.y i can make us
flyyy. just kiss me one more time &
maybe we'll go farther this time
i'll take you to a neverland of your
DREAMS) he stole away my
regained sanity but her but
her little blondish-brown haired
english girl who doesn't know how
to dream ripped apart what little
love we (ohhsupposedly) had &
my blue dress (the whites all dirty)
is torn from girls ( ) thinking
i look to whorey & hating me
well yes. i suppose he might've
but you tricked yourself into
loving him back & now i'm
in this same mess as you.
. is that my
little white rabbit or the
insane pirate come to stab what
left of me
(tick tock tick tock
time always seems to be the
essence of everyone's dreams
but little girls in fantasy worlds
only want to