Those summer days were always my favorite. There was nothing I looked forward to more than spending the day in your arms.

You stood tall, your strong arms extended outward - beckoning me forward and offering me relief in your shade. The heat pressed down on me, flushing my exposed skin as I surged forward, my bare feet trampling the sweet-scented grass. Crawling into your firm embrace, I inhaled your earthy scent. My legs were wrapped tightly around you, pushing me closer to your solidness. Satisfied, I rested my cheek on your middle.

The breeze sighed in my ear, pulling a smile onto my face as it brushed past us. But you were unmoving. Supportive though you were, I wanted - needed more. Oh, why would you not caress me? In your hold, I was torn. Though knowing I should be content with what you could give me, I could not help but wish for you to uproot and carry me away. Thinking these thoughts, tears spilled from my eyes and I sank. Grasping your arm, my palms became sweaty. My grip weakened, my legs dangled in the air. Raw grass tickled the bottoms of my feet, distracting me from my hold. Still, I couldn't let go. I wouldn't let go. I promised myself, if I could just hold on to you, I would be content. And I would never wish for more because what more could there be than to be in your arms? What a fool I was. The wind pushed again, my hair flying forward to tickle my face. My whole body tingled.

Then - I fell.

The air fled from my lungs upon impact with the hard ground. I lay sprawled with the sun in my face and my legs in the shade. Forever I lay there, squinting up at the bright sky. Salty sweat stung my eyes as the wind passed me again, dancing across my bare skin tantalizingly, encouraging goose-bumps to break out across my body. Just as suddenly, it was gone, and the air was still again, leaving me to taste the bittersweet grittiness of dirt in my mouth.