A half drunk milkshake liquefies in the cup holder.
Pink lipstick left on the rim
The only fragment of memory I own
Of you ever being near me.

Like buzzards you and I fought over prey
A deer- dead for days since my last life
As a lion ended after I had slain him.
Years later and red still flows in a trickle from the carcass.

The written word is never so elegant
If my hand is used.
You had the talent ever so much more
Than I.

Still, as I choke these words out onto my keyboard
The screen flashes with the versus of your disdain
And hatred used to write my name into your poem.

My head floats in a whirlpool
Confusion still lingers in the back of my mind.
The serrated blade still sits in my side
Right where you left it

You always said I wouldn't be around to say goodbye
That Id always be the one to leave.
I'd follow you still if you hadn't tied my legs
And handcuffed me to a stake.

If no one is there to say goodbye,
Its because we can't loose the bonds you've given us
Though our voices grow horse from our screams
As we beg for forgiveness to sins you never told us we committed.

As you stared into those shards,
Did you notice my eyes looking back?