Running away


My family has immigrated from China to Mexico looking for a better life but couldn't. Actually we were able to because my father was a doctor already when we came and we lived a good life and I was a spoiled child but one day my father's client has lessen and we became poor so my father decided to use that little money that we had to travel to London but only he could go there. My father went there, he sent me letters about how he was doing and he told me that he spent days and days looking for a job but he couldn't. Then one day he sent me a letter that says: "The queen of England has offered me a job with a good salary, the job is to work as her servant and bodyguard."

I was surprised, happy, and worried at the same time. I was surprised that the queen of England actually offered my father such a job and I was happy that he got a job with a good salary but I was worried about my father making a mistake and made the queen angry because she's the queen and she has a lot of power, she would even execute people for making the smallest mistake.


"Dad, I want to work in England too." I wrote in the last line of the letter. I didn't want aything to happen to him so I wanted to help him.


I finally arrived in England, the streets were quite empty. There was hardly any car and there wasn't anyone wandering. This place was lonely and quite. I didn't like it when things were still and quite, it was creepy.

7 minutes later, my dad and the queen finally arived to pick me up, when I entered the car I was a bit surprised because she was the one driving.

"Good evening, your majesty." I tried to be as polite as possible but then my father said

"Try to be a bit more polite to the queen." England was the most surprising place, I always thought that "Good evening" or morning was the most formal way to greet someone so I got a bit scared, I didn't want trouble with the queen and she was silent, making me even more afraid that I made her angry.

We finally arrived, the whole place was quite humble for a queen, there was a medium size dinner table but the food looked delicious, we started eating except for the queen.

"I'm gonna go for a walk."

"You should had been a bit more polite when you were with the queen." My father told me.

"Sorry but I tried being as polite as possible."

"She's the queen, just a little bit of anger she would kill you." I thuoght of my dead but I hoped that she won't torture me.

"She grabs your face with all her might you know."

"Does she kill me after this?"

"No, of course not! She opens up her fingers then she stabs your eye with her sword." I felt even more scared because I always feared losing a body part.

"Does she kill me after that?"

"No, she then cuts your arms."

"Oh my God, why can't she get it over with? I hope that I die in the next step."

"Then she cuts your nose."

"I wanna die already."

"Then she finally cuts your head off!"

"That's so cruel! So much pain before death! I can't believe it!"

"I know but that what she does and she enjoys it, I seen her enjoying it and she doens't let anyone else do it."

I felt really scared know, I stood up and started thinking about escaping or not.

On one hand, maybe she won't kill me, maybe she's just a silent woman that doesn't smile often but on the other hand maybe she'll kill me, I think that she's angry that's why she left and the reason she doesn't speak maybe it because of me.

It's now decided, I won't risk my life,

Right now, I'm running outside in the streets as fast as I can, there were hardly any cars and wherever I go I could see the queen's mansion.

I ran for a few minutes then I knew that were there are cars there's an exit so I ran where there were cars I got hit many times but the cars were actually small and it didn't hurt when they bump into me so I continued running for my life.


It been 3 years since the escape, my father came back and I'm perfectly fine and happy, I'm with my family and there are other teenagers living here with us, they are good people, they were looking for somewhere to stay so I let them in.


I heard that the queen's troop were here in Mexico trying to hunt me down. I asked my father how old was she, hoping that she won't be able to hurt me due to her age.

"She's 62 right now."

"Damn why isn't she 80 or older so she won't hurt me!?"

"She can't hurt anybody anymore!"I sighed in relief.

"But she has units to kill you!"


"5 units actually: the first unit are the ones that grabs your face with all their might then the other unit stabs your eye, 3rd unit cuts your arms, 4th cuts your nose and the 5th one kills you.

"You know, the day that you escaped the queen had asked me where were you."

"Really? She didn't want to kill me?"

"Actually, she didn't say anything else so maybe she didn't want to kill you, she made a sad face."

I regretted escaping now, maybe I should have stayed.

A few hours later the 5 units broke into our house and we all tried to escaped, I ran away with my whole family but the teenagers that stayed in our house distracted them for us and images of the unit killing them flashed throught my mind it was so horrible.


Yesterday was a tragic day, they all died because of me but at least me and my family is alright, we are in China, the place where my parents were born. Maybe the queen will track me down again but I hope not.

Whew, im tired. It's 3 pages long.