What wonderous life,

What wonderous life,

Is this I fly.

On broken wings,

On which I'll surly die.

The blackened angel,

Sent to burn.

Is bringing me down,

To the land of thorns.

As my life spirals,

Straight to hell.

I fight the bonds,

I've bound myself in so well.

Their grip grows strong,

My hope is at fail.

I'm fighting and fighting,

To no prevail.

As my chains choke away,

All thoughts of escape,

I'm living my lie,

With every passing day.

Thedarkened dove,

That was my soul.

Flys no more,

And sings not a song.

Locked away,

In my twisted thoughts.

I lock away the key,

To freedoms lock.

With no hopes and desires,

Full of sin and hate.

I keep falling and falling,

Living sin in my wake.

I twist and turn,

Trying in vain to escape.

Break my bonds,

And get out of this placeā€¦..