I watch him every Tuesday and Thursday

She watches me coach every Tuesday and Thursday.

He coaches a guy's water polo team; he was a hard coach but seemed nice enough.

She watches from a distance but I could see when she was around people she was very different to when she was alone.

He noticed me a couple of times I think, but it doesn't matter if he did – I couldn't deal with having to make another personality.

Even though she sat so far away I could tell she is beautiful.

He wasn't bad looking ... quite the opposite.

I looked forward to Tuesday s and Thursday s.

I couldn't wait for Tuesday and Thursday every week.

She was away for three weeks; I had never spoken to her yet I missed her so much.

I was sick for about three weeks. I missed him so much.

She came back!

I was going to see if he even noticed plain little me – I waved.

I looked around. I think she just waved at me.

He didn't wave back.

She started walking away; I could tell she was upset.

I heard someone running behind me. I stepped to the side to let them through.

She stepped aside; I could see the tears on her cheeks.

They stopped and brushed away the tears I didn't realise had slipped out. I felt tingles go down my spine.

I brushed them off and hugged her. My spine tingled.

I looked at the person hugging me. It was him!

She's so tiny! Not even up to my shoulders!

He's so tall! What is he doing here?

"Are you ok?"

I nodded and a sudden confidence filling me allowed me to blurt. "Who are you?"

Her voice...it was so light and quiet yet not too high pitched or too low but perfect! She was perfect! "Matt, who are you?"

I blushed, "Annabelle."

She was even more beautiful when she blushed.

"I missed you," ooops I didn't mean to say that!

She missed me! I grinned, "I missed you too."

He missed me! I grinned.

Part of her fringe fell in front of her eyes and unconsciously I swept it behind her ear. I looked into her eyes for the first time...

That was when we realised we loved each other – it didn't matter that we barely know each other yet; true love conquers all.