I'm writing this to you,
But you'll never see it.
At least, I don't think so.
I certainly won't show it to you,
Not yet, anyway.
It would be too awkward.
But I have to say it.
I think I might love you.
You make me happy.
You can't see me, and
I can't see you.
In fact, I don't think I even know what you look like.
Weird, isn't it?
In this superficial and shallow culture,
Obsessed with looks,
I can still like someone who could be
Drop-dead gorgeous, completely out of my league,
Or completely, hideously ugly.
But I do, I still think you're amazing.
Not like anyone else I've ever met.
You always give me something nice to look at,
Always cheer me up.
You know what can make me laugh,
Is it too much to ask for you to really want to make me laugh?
Do you really enjoy cheering me up?
It sure comes across that way.
Somehow, you make me feel better about myself.
You know, you could be the only one who can.
I'm always so timid and intimidated by everything,
But you reassure me.
I love it.
I know, it's probably too much to ask for you to feel the same way.
I mean, we've never even met.
Chances are, we never will.
And I'm okay with that.
I like you anyways.
I can only hope you feel the same.
But just in case,
You aren't going to see this.
Not yet, anyway.
Because then it would be awkward.
Wouldn't it?
Want to prove me wrong?