It's early May and the summer heat is comin' down
April's gone and my heart is nowhere to be found

He looked around everywhere for her, yet she wasn't anywhere to be seen. His green eyes were widened with fright, his brows creased downward in worry. He ran a hand through his black, fluffy hair while he stood in the same spot as last year. He stood there in that spot just as he stood there the year before last, and the year before that. The young man recalled how much she loved to run her hands through that hair of his, staring into his eyes with her own beautiful ones, colored just like—

Teardrops fall like showers from the sky
And what I'd give just to look in April's eyes

The man in his twenties seem to panic more, his eyes somehow becoming more saucer-like as his mind scrambled to remember just what exact shade his love's eyes were. He remembered the first time he stared down into those beautiful gray-blue eyes, and sighed in relief. They were colored just like the cloud's tears; at times you felt you could see right through them, and at other times they seemed to cloud over with emotion, blocking all further insight from view.

Another year goes by and I wait for her to return
She leaves a chill in my soul, but a fire always burns

Another year had flown by again. How many was it now? It didn't matter anymore to the man. It had been however many years too many since that day. He felt cold without her, and yet there was this unidentifiable warmth ignited inside him with every time he allowed himself a memory. He stood in that spot, at the exact same hour he had the first year the tradition was made, facing the exact same view as always.

And she can't break the tie that binds, so I'll never make her choose
I'll just go on being April's fool

Just as every year, he located that bond between them within himself, and tugged at it with mental hands. It was taught, as it was every year. The man's fresh, young eyes rested behind lids withered by being forced shut every night in order to sleep. A tear slipped down, ran down the man's cheek. It was a tear of sweet relief that the bond had not been severed on either end, his or hers. Every year he checked to make sure that the tie between them remained, and every year it seemed stronger as the test of time continued. He was a fool to think she'd return to him, especially after that day.

But she had promised, and he was holding her to that oath, empty as it was. Fool or not, he was holding to his end of the promise, just as his foolish young self told her that he would.

So little time, when she is mine I know
I'll hold her close and never let it show

He couldn't wait for the day when she would finally be his. He would wrap his arms securely around her waist and never let her go. He knew how little his time was with her, and he wanted the rest of it to come soon and last forever.

If I could only make her stay, God knows
I would, as she turns and walks away

He remembered the scene that played back in his head. 'Baby, I'm leaving', she had said. He had responded, 'Will you come back?' and she had given him a hope-filled smile. It was a gorgeous smile. Then she told him, 'On this day, every year, you must come and wait for me, at this exact time, for one whole hour. If you promise to do that, I promise you I'll come back.'

And he had promised, because he knew his love for her could stand the years, and trusted that her love for him would remain strong, too. In his head, he remembered the sorrowful look she gave him, her cloud's-tears eyes filled with tears of their own and she turned and walked away for the last time to the current date.

I know I'll always remain April's fool
As she turns and walks away, I know

He remembered his exact thoughts that day, too. He remembered the whisper he said to himself as he watched her leave, and he said it even now as the minutes flew by like seconds. Over and over again he repeated that whisper to himself, "I'm always hers, and she is mine. I'm always hers, and she is mine…"

The young man stared off at his love's favorite view, remembering his promise to himself from that morning. He recalled the promise that this was his last year of waiting for her. He heard his whisper changing to a desperate one as time ticked by, "I'm always hers, and is she mine? She is mine, is she mine? I'm always hers, and she was mine..."

I'll always remain April's fool
It's early may and the summer heat is coming down

The hour slowly came to a close, and the young man became more frantic. He felt the ties within him loosen as he pulled at them maddeningly with inner hands, yanking desperately, searching for the reassuring tautness. Yet it wasn't there. Just like she. Just like his love, it wasn't there. He turned around, and looked down, wiping tears from his eyes. As he looked back up, his frown faded


The young girl laughed, and ran into his eager embrace.

He had always been her fool.

And she was his.

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