A man was crying at the side of the road

A man was crying at the side of the road. In front of him, ambulances and police cars zoomed by. In his mind, the scene of a tangled mess of blood and metal. The scream of his child as the truck hit him will forever haunt his dreams. As the man cries, he looks back and wondered where he went wrong.

Alan Jones was living a perfect life. A good paying job, beautiful wife and he just found out his wife was pregnant. Alan was the envy of all men and dream of all women. He never drinks or smokes, always help around the house and has the face of an angel. The Jones were the most popular and welcomed family in the neighbourhood.

Nine months later, Alan's wife Jessie was going into labour. It was supposed to be Alan's happiest day of his life. He was looking forward to the birth of his child. The Jones knew it was going to be a boy and chose a name for him. They wanted an exotic name for their boy and settled on the name Edath. Now Alan hates the name Edath. Jessie died giving birth to Edath. He blames Jessie's death on Edath even though the doctors told him it was due to complications. Alan could not see their way, all he sees is Edath.

Ten years later, the Jones were still the envy of the town. Alan seems to be unfazed by the death of his wife and the new Jones, Edath is the brightest ten year old anyone knew. In front of the neighbours, Alan Jones looks like the dream dad, always being there for Edath. Little do the neighbour knows, Alan changes after the curtains closed. Under Edath's warm clothing were bruises and scars. They were the doing of Alan Jones. Alan hates his son as he still believes Edath was the cause of Jessie's death. He would give Edath a smack on the head just for breathing too loudly. Once Edath spilled milk onto his favourite chair, Alan took his belt and started lashing at the boy, till he begs for closed doors, Alan changes from a loving father to a monster.

"Edath! Come here!" Alan just found spots of mud on the rug. "Did you make this mess!" Alan shouted at his son. "No. I did not do this Dad. I..." Before Edath could finish speaking, he was slapped hard on his cheek. Edath fell to the floor and started crying. "I'll teach you to lie to me!" Alan repeated as he started kicking the crying boy. Alan only stopped after he was tired and by that time Edath was unconscious.

The next day, Alan woke up to see Edath running out of the house. Alan did not make much of it until he realises Edath took all his clothes with him. He saw a note on his son's bed and it states how much Edath tried to endure his father's temper and violence and tried to understand the reason behind the beatings. The note was also a goodbye note to his Dad.

Alan immediately gave chase, trying to catch up with Edath. It wasn't long till he heard an ear-piercing scream. This was followed by a screeching sound and a loud explosion-like blast. Alan rushed to where the sound was coming from and feared the worst. Alan saw the mess and tried to look for objects to show it was his son somewhere inside. Tears start to fall when Alan found a pendant. On it his son's name and birthday.

It was Jessie's first and last gift to their child.

Alan sat by the side of the road. His tears flowing freely. He tried to find good memories of his son but there were none. Alan realised he did not give his son a good childhood. As he thought back on all the beatings he gave his son Alan whispered "Sorry. Sorry for all the violence."