A.N.: I know there's no set flow, it's been a while. This is based of a dream I had the other night.

To you dream girl, the virtual object of my fantasies,

In waking life we've hardly exchanged glances at one another,

Yet when tired eyes closed that fateful march thirtieth,

There you were, standing by your lonesome.

I happened to be there myself, unaware,

Being too courteous to ignore you, I struck a conversation,

Talk led to laughter, opening unbridled feelings,

Which I responded with a simple proposition.

"Would you be my girlfriend",

words which flowed unknowingly from my lips,

to which you replied affirmatively, giggling,

and pressed yours against mine.

A simple kiss, sealing a deal with joy,

Incredible ecstasy running through my veins,

A feeling of unending happiness ran through me,

Like one I had never felt before.

Yet it was too good to be true,

I had to check, your unreal love too passionate,

A pinch to the arm proved it's untruth,

Leading to a depression like no other.

It couldn't be fake, words repeated in my head,

But the test unlocked the simple truth,

This world was a mere creation,

Molded in unconscious slumber.

Attempted retries only led to further disappointment,

And with one simple kiss, I had to say goodbye,

My eyes unwillingly opened the truth to me,

And we returned to being strangers.

Yet, for one fateful night, we were more,

Lovers, alone in a world created by slumber,

Unknown that it was but a mere dream,

Happy enough with the untruth.

So here's to you dream girl,

Although our love was but a mere fantasy,

I'll cherish that one night we were together.

And look forward to our next meeting.

And although in waking life we'll never be together,

I thank you for that special night and your simple act of love,

Even though it was but a mere moment, I thank you,

Dream girl, this one is for you.

A.N: Thought I'd take a break from comedy and write something serious. The dream affected me pretty heavily and although I don't have any feelings for this person in real life, it opened my eyes to a new truth.