A.N.: I know there's no set flow, it's been a while. This is another dream based poem, based off a dream I had last night.

Here I am, in the street outside my home,

Evening light scattered across the sky,

And there you float, in the middle of it,

Casting a ball of negative energy to the ground.

I knew exactly what would come of this,

The dark purple ball inching it's way into the ground,

I had to warn my family of the imminent danger,

As the Earth was nearing it's destruction.

Night time soon fell upon our house,

Upon the once beautiful sky, soon to be no more,

I ran into the house, somehow remembering,

The year was 1998, several years into the past.

Knowledge of all the events flooded into my memory,

Convinced that this was not my first time here,

I raced into the house, determined to get everyone out,

And saw everything as it once was returned to normal.

Mom and Dad were reunited, married again,

Long dead pets whom I loved raced to greet me,

Furniture in places long abandoned,

It was the house of many memories, here again.

Unfortunate for me, time was a factor,

I raced everyone out to the spaceship,

Warning them of their imminent doom,

And escorting them to their safety.

But when all was said and done,

There was no room for all of us,

Due to the size of the two dogs,

Who Mom insisted were brought along.

As I looked at them, tails wagging in the yard,

I knew of their ultimate fate, their later demise,

Wondering if I should let them stay behind,

Knowing they'd be dead in a few years time.

But it was too heartless, too cruel,

I had to rethink our means of escape,

While our next door neighbors came over,

And Mom no longer cared about her imminent destruction.

The only thing on her mind was a good meal,

Pasta served to her family and friends,

And as the normal sky turned to storms,

I reminded them of the problem at hand.

"Not to worry" was Mom's reply,

"Have a good meal first" was all she could say,

And although I knew would be dead soon,

I agreed, knowing of signs of destruction.

I figured it would be a while,

Telling of fierce winds and tornadoes,

Tell tale signs of close peril,

Minutes time remaining when the winds picked up.

Although I never found out if we got out on time,

I'm sure we were gone when our home planet blew,

As how could I have gone back to do it again,

Had we not made it in time?

Even though the planet was dying,

It was good to see everything back to normal,

As I remember it being when I was a lad,

Showing even happiness can come in times of peril.

And even though our memories were about to be gone,

I still felt a smug sense of satisfaction,

As I new that even though the familiar was going to leave me,

Approaching fast was the new, and I was ready.

A.N: This dream was crazy, very similar to planet Namek's destruction in DBZ. It was quite weird to see my family as it was years ago, happy to see them, yet urgent to leave. And even though everything I knew and loved was going to be destroyed, I was happy and ready for what was to come.