Everyday my heart begins to heal,

And everyday you tear a new hole.

Everyday you leave your mark,

And everyday I start again.

But I'm so tired of crying my tears,

So tired of my heart throbbing with every beat.

I don't even an you in my life anymore.

I thought I let you go,

I thought I had moved on,

But I guess I was wrong.

You love me, I know that,

It cannot be denied.

Yet love is fickle and blind and naïve.

Love is one-sided and lonely and painful.

But what is love but a knife in the heart?

What is love but a single glance,

A spark that lickers and dies away?

A tear on the cheek or a sleepless night?

Love is unkind and unforgiving.

But it is fiery and passion –

As much as hate.