The di is Cast 10/4/07

Castor of the di like jagged paper taped together,
Like edges bent and wrinkeled stuffed in a drawer forever.

Stabbing needles paralyze and numb While rain soaks through an elegant lace skirt While fire laps, a lover's tongue within the deep set eyes.

Oh drinker of the hemlock,
Immune to thebittersweet poison.
Your hand rides sure upon the helm,
Your focus locked on the innocent target.
Take swift aim and fire.

Scared white rabbits scurry and flee Like filthy rats before a hunter's paws.
And you, the wolf loaping silent in the night Like death itself in perfect form,
Sleek and black beneath the staring full moon.

Flitting through the barren trees The scent of fear bringing fast my breath As I stumble and fall and claw in desperation at an Earth gone dry and sickly pale.

I am the prey, I am the hunted I am the fearful warrior.
I am the flash of silent lightning I am the lioness behind cold bars.

Why do I flee from this immanent peril?
From this burning gaze upon my back?
You conqur me, oh powerful castor Blinding me as you come in to land.