Waltz of the Willow 10/24/07

Dance with me in the silver shower A waltz of yesterday.
Offer your hand and a secret smile,
Your eyes alight with mischief.

Smooth and flowing our feet will glide Like a feather upon the earth Recall the play, the very scene And sweep me away in the steady rhythm.

Alone we move, two ocean waves Gentle and quiet, side by side.
And drift in whatever way we choose To the cadence of the autumn drizzle.

"Secret sea foam eyes stare Into the distance yonder there And though you hide within your faith,
I'll always be there to find you again."

"Never will you know my face,
The image of another place.
For blinding horrors do await The insolent fool who dares in haste."

Laughter lilting soft and low fills my mind and then I know I'm forever bound by the prospect of gold Shining in your arms my love.

Turn me on the count of 1 And back on 4 the dance resumes Endless, nameless the music flows The rise and fall to match our stride.