Made of fire (7-10-07)

We are people made of fire sonia sanchez

We are all insignificant,
like a rotting potato, or an old rusty cadillac.
We are all chalk drawings on a blackboard,
scandalicious blofish in a psycadellic halucination.

We are a roaring beast out of control,
we are destinies which can't be shaped,
we are the abandon of a summer night,
we are the worry in a young girl's eyes.

We are a soldier's bloodstained pants,
once blue fabric colored a sickening browning red.
We are a victim's fearful face that knows death is approaching.
We are an invective scene.

Don't you cry dear child, dear child for innocence is always alluding our fumbeling fingers.
Don't you weep sweet mother, sweet mother,
for flames purify the earth and make way for new birth.

Look through an old photo album and see,
the silent still stories written in faces and histories.
Those of our future, our present and past,
those that are fleeting, and those that will last,
strangers or friends, they're all the same.

We are all random words strewn across a creased up paper,
we are all autumn leaves left to lie upon the wind.
We are all falling raindrops, falling teardrops left to rise,
to continue a cycle of life and death, a never ending play.