Destination Unknown 4-2-08

We sit in silent space, two stars in a vast empty sector.
I feel your phantom breath like autumn wind across a barren field.
Darkness cradles the cameo locket,
a pair of burning eyes peer out of an old photograph,
While a single ship drifts through the unknown.

I stare into his gaze and find hazel nut trees Golden kissed trunks garnished with jade leaves.
A figure hides in the waiting arms of an old pine friend Her bow poised and her huntress arrow fitted.

I stare into her soul fresh from a summer rain Where a gray sky presides over the monster mouth of mountains.
And a stray wind goes wherever the river flows Always in a hurry to dive into the sea With passion's haste and a philosopher's gait.

The anomaly comes when the stars collide And coffee bean forest meets rainy sky When music and dance and color hold hands And time's fine fabric is nothing but strands Of ice-tipped crystal rosebuds.

Sensor interference creates mute chaos While loathsome key holds stubborn lock.
And in a nebula of centuries melted into a moment The huntress lowers her arm.