Magic Forrest 11-28-07

I fear I shall soon bleed to death Drown and die in my own tender juices My eyes bulging with wild raw terror As I swing in this evil tree.

But no one can hear me where I am now Lost in a maze of dust covered library shelves.
Doomed to always wander forward Searching for that allusive volume Rifling through pages gone yellow and brittle.

Silly words mean nothing Silly shapes blurry and dead.
Pretty picture of the forest A woman hung with wire thread.

She's gonna die but she won't cry She's a witch girl the people said Has voices chanting in her head.

Her skin is pale as dawn's first rays Her hair is rich like chocolate all melted And her eyes shift and change like a crying rainbow Falling down from the sky.

Make me some magic helpless lady Turn the binds into tines of lightning.
And turn the tree into a lover behind you And turn the blood into liquid gold.

Nighttime people stand and watch But the witch girl's eyes never flutter closed.
A sweet candy smell hangs over the forest As the witch girl just bleeds and bleeds From the places where the knife blade played.

Magic gone now morning comes,
Witch girl looks sick and her eyes went dark And her hair falls cleanly to curtain her face As the cradle rocks and the hanging bow breaks.
Down will come witch girl, magic and all.