Morning Glory

Morning Glory


Morning glory tints the sky

The dawn cold and silent as a closet mirror.

And you stand alone

Swaying on the very edge of the cliff

As a chilly breeze caresses your face.

Thunder claps and the clouds shatter,

And you're struck by lightning too bright to imagine

And you gasp and fall to your knees and cry and sigh and

You are afraid.

Rainbows of pain needles trace patterns in your skin

As your heart races and your mind doesn't move

In shock, your eyes grow dark with terror and you


Write poetry probably.

Because it's almost time and all your life

Though you planned and bragged and held your head high

And faced the storm of tears and time

You've made it this far soldier.

And now what do you do with your life?

Shooting stars only cross the velvet sky.

High in the arc, released from the sling

Do you fly or fall?

Keep silent or call?

The path is set the expectations met

And the way is lined with blossoming trees

And all you have to do is take those first steps

In a timid tender terrifying ballet.

College career Christ that's scary.

To remember all those years ago when

You played dolls and thought of life as a cotton candy dream.

But it's not and it's here

And shooting stars show no fear.

And all that leads into this

This final breath

This final dance.