Nameless Cadence 12-6-07

dark of night whisper light A hint of rain upon the roiling ocean.
Apricot passions lace the storm As it breaks upon the shoreline.

Floating poincettas dot the water Like helpless boats amid a hurricane.
some will surface most will drown Never to be seen again.

Broken shells of palest coral Map cities and countries in the seaswept sand And we trace them hand in hand Traveling the world beside the sea.

Cry out in song to haunt the air In high soprano tones of despair And whirl and dance upon the water As the rain lashes the weathered cliff face.

Scream out the words a pale hand wrote And cast down the bloody rare lilies And shred the white lifeless lavenders;
a sacrifice to the goddess of love.

Fire rips the sky in tatters A silken robe torn to shreds And clinging to the briars and rose thorns Upon the rocky cliff.

Ocean breaths rise and fall In a sighing dance within the wind And rain sings out a high steady keen Of desperate, endless Nameless.