Transparent Melody 2-1-08

I ran my fingers through her hair and it felt like cool autumn wind. She whispered to me, soft melodic words of passion and desire and it sounded like ocean waves breaking upon the shoreline. She took my hands in hers, so soft and slender, a poet's hands and she danced with me. A steady rhythm of turns and simple steps, a basic flow of music unheard. She smiled up at me and it was as if the moon had broken from behind dark clouds. Bathing the night in a silvery glow of mystery. Her voice lifted high and strong like crystalin bells ringing in the newyear. And she sang a song so strange and sweet like soaring silent wings in a shadowy realm.
I saw her crying from the lighthouse tower as the wind and the waves crashed around me. And it was as if all the rains from every storm were pooling around her in the sand. I went to her, down the lighthouse tower through the endless spirals of stairs and stairs. When she looked up at me, it was like I could see every lonely twilight lighting the sky. Her dark eyes burned like a tiger, tiger burning bright in the forest of the night. Her cold lips trembeled and her burning eyes misted and the melody was gone and the moonlight fading. Now airy and weak like a timid alto, her voice drifted across the beach in the ghost of what once was brilliant.
And she spoke in a voice of dying daisies wilting in the fields.
"They've taken the melody away you see, held it trapped behind lock and key. And silence now pervades my ora of colorless whispers. Each note the gleaming piano plays has it's own color and story to raise and now that all the notes have gone, there is nothing left but flatness."