Just a little story idea that popped into my head.


"Order up!" I bellowed as I put out the plates for the waitress to pick up. I went back to cooking to ready another customer's breakfast though that was easy since it was a slow morning.

Wait, I should probably introduce myself before I go into this story any further. My name is Peter Tascholi and I am the sole owner of Pete's Place, a little diner in Cold Oaks, Minnesota. Ever heard of it? I guess not, hell I never heard of it until a friend suggested going there because of the lake nearby filled with all sorts of game fish. I went out to the lake, did a little fishing, and fell in love with the place and decided this was the place I would open my dream diner. So, I retired from boxing and moved to Cold Oaks and life is pretty sweet.

Anyway, the story I'm about to tell you is not about me but I am in it. It involves four of the most famous horsemen in history, legend or what have you and how they brought the world to the precipice of destruction. Now without further ado I will tell you my tale.


I looked out through the open space into the dining area and saw the strangest looking man enter through the door. He looked like he was sick with his pale skin shining under sheen of sweat and his reddened eyes looking around unfocused through his long black hair. The man sniffed and took a lacy handkerchief from his puffy red jacket and walked up to one of the counter stools and sat down. He looked around a little bit and saw me staring and gave a weak smile and wave.

"Hi there," I returned his greeting, "Renaissance fair in town, friend?"

"Hmm? Not to my knowledge, why do you ask?" the man answered slowly with a question. He sounded just as sick as he looked.

"Your shirt," I responded as I cooked without looking. I just have a skill to cook without really trying.

"Oh, just something I picked up and decided to stick with. Can I give you my order?" he questioned with a raised eyebrow.

"Sure, what'll you have?"

"I would like a cauldron of chicken soup, four pieces of dry toast, a pitcher of orange juice, and a glass and bowl to go with them, please."

I looked up from writing his order down and just stared at him. I did not think he was serious, "Umm… that sounds like a little much for just you."

"It's not just for me, some of it is for my horse," he stated as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

"Oh, of course, how silly of me," I acknowledge as I got to work on fixing his order as well as those that the two waitresses in my employ, Karen and Laura , brought me from the other customers. I fixed the meals of my patrons diligently and while I did not have a cauldron I did make the strange man an entire cook pot worth of chicken soup. After that, I personally served the strange man his odd order.

"Thank you very… ahh… ahhh… achuu! Sorry, thank you. May I eat outside at one of the tables?" he asked.

"Sure," I agreed as I helped him move his meal to one of the tables I had outside for dining on when the weather permitted. Together we set his food down when something came up behind me and nuzzled my shoulder. It scared the hell out of me and I nearly spilled the orange juice pitcher. A large, but frail seeming, white horse stood there and just looked at me with its large dark eyes.

"Right, I'll leave you to it then," I turned to go back into my restaurant.

"Wait!" the man admonished wheezing a bit. I turned to look at him as he handed me some strange looking gold coins, "Here is your payment."

"Is this real gold?!" I choked out.

"Yes of course it is," he replied, "Now I will enjoy my meal."

"Order up, number five!" I bellowed as Karen to the two plates of food to the table number five.

"I say old boy, how are you?"

I looked around and saw that the man who had addressed me was the same sickly gent from the previous day. Standing next to him, in a black silk business suite, was a large and jolly looking fat man. I just sighed to myself with a slight grin on my face,

"Hi there, what can I do for you two gentlemen?"

"I'll have what I had yesterday please," the frail fellow ordered.

"Just two bowls of chicken salad and a pitcher of water with a glass please," the fat man said jovially.

"Any dressing with that?" I asked him.

"No thank you," he replied.

"Okay then, your food should be done in twenty minutes tops," I announced to the both of them.

"Excellent!" the pestilence ridden man exclaimed. He looked slightly healthier than the previous day, "We'll be outside at my table."

I just stood there and watched the odd looking pair walk out to there table where the same thin white horse from the previous day and another, large, fat, and black, horse stood. I peeked around to see that my regulars and other customers were staring at the odd quartet outside. With a shake of my head, I went back to my beloved work of cooking.

"Here you are gents," I proclaimed as Karen, Laura, and I placed the food on the table of the strange pair and their horses.

"Thank you, thank you good fellow," the rotund fellow bellowed, "Your libations are much appreciated."

"Yes, and thank you as well ladies," the skinny man added as he handed me some more of the strange golden coins like the previous day. When he had done that he blew his nose into a blood red handkerchief.

"Will either of you two gents want anything else?" I asked as I gave Laura the coins to take to the cash register.

"Well…," the large gentleman started but stopped, "No more for me, thanks."

"I would like to give you this," the smaller chap said and held out his hand. In it were two small stone discs. They weren't too complex, just simple grey stone that were rounded like river rocks. One was painted with a white crown and bow and arrow and the other with red weight scales.

"What are these?"

"Just some tokens of my affection for your excellent food and service."

"Thank you," I acknowledged as I turned and went back into my restaurant and pocketed the two stones without thinking. I was too busy pondering my two odd patrons.

"In other news tonight, Pleasantville, Grimes, Blue Earth, Montevideo, Sleepy Eye, and Ivanhoe have experience a record number of colds. Experts around the area and around the country are perplexed at the rash of this virus but believe it might be linked to the scattering of food spoilage in the quad-county area."


I turned off my television and stretched as I got out of my easy chair. The day had been a long but interesting one with my pair of strange horse lovers at my restaurant. I stumbled in the dark to get to my bedroom in my apartment and after a stubbed toe and some cursing I made it into my bed. While my bedroom and apartment were large, I just kept it simple because I'm just a bachelor who does not really care. I do have affairs with women occasionally, notably Karen and Laura from my joint.

With no more ado, I drifted off to sleep thinking about those weird rocks I got from Abbot and Costello.