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Something a Little Like Guilt

Sarah sipped slowly from her Starbucks coffee cup and stared at Caitlin, who was tapping her foot impatiently and biting her lip in anticipation to Sarah's response.

Sarah sighed, pushing her brown hair back. "How do you feel about this?" "This" referring to the fact that Caitlin had slept with Will Capilla - her boss.

"I feel kind of..." Caitlin's voice dropped off as she thought for a moment. Everything had been right, perfect even. It had been a long time since any man had looked at her with that much compassion. It had been a long time since anyone really cared and Caitlin couldn't deny that she liked that - she liked Will. "I feel kind of good." Sarah nodded, eyes narrowed. Caitlin knew what Sarah was thinking. She was thinking that Caitlin was developing feelings for Will. And she was right. "I know what you're thinking, Sarah. But he cares. And I know it's frowned upon and he's my boss, but I can't help the way I feel-"

"I wasn't thinking that. I was just hoping you'd admit to it. Takes away a lot of the work for me," Sarah winked, smiling. Caitlin took a deep breath out, leaning back in the folding chair. She looked up at the sun from their downtown Starbucks location. It felt good to have that out in the open.

"Good," Caitlin sighed, meeting Sarah's smile. "It's a good change."

Sarah leaned back as well. "He seems to care a hell of a lot more than Matt. So I'm on board." Caitlin laughed. But it was true. Will seemed to care a lot more in that one night than Matt did their entire relationship. It was as if everything that was wrong with Matt was right with Will. Caitlin wasn't about to get ahead of herself, but she could feel her life turning around.

Sarah looked at her watch. "We should go. Shift starts at six," Sarah stated, standing up, coffee in hand. Caitlin sighed, standing up as well - it was going to be a long night.

Elliott slumped down next to Caitlin and Kyle in the locker room. Kyle had started using it as a quiet space after the second week when he realized no one was ever in there after nine at night. Elliott took a bite into her apple.

"Remember med school?" she sighed, leaning her head back against the locker.

Kyle laughed, closing his eyes. He had been there since that morning. "I remember being excited to be here," he replied. He opened his eyes and looked around. "If I could've warned myself..." His voice trailed off.

"I'd like this place better if I remembered how to sleep," Caitlin stated, pressing her palms to her forehead. Kyle laughed. "No, seriously. Shouldn't we be sleeping right now?"

Kyle lifted his silver thermos. "Even if I wanted to sleep, this keeps me awake." Caitlin and Elliott laughed at this. "Want some?" he offered the thermos to the two women.

Caitlin shook her head. "You're incredibly less of an ass when you're tired and jittery."

Kyle turned his head toward Caitlin, glaring. "I am not jittery." Elliott lifted Kyle's arm, his hand was shaking. Kyle pulled his arm away. "Okay, maybe just a little."

Caitlin smirked. "You better get over that. No one's going to let you perform surgery when your hand's shaking like that." Kyle playfully punched Caitlin's arm.

"Screw you, Lease," he sighed, pulling out his phone. The room was silent. All a sudden, Kyle started laughing.

"What?" Elliott sighed, setting her apple core on the bench in front of them.

"I just remember this one time in med school," he began, sitting up, "when my roommates and I wanted to see how long we could go without sleep." Caitlin and Elliott looked at Kyle with full attention. Kyle chuckled, running his hand through his brown hair. "Anyways," he continued, "we stocked up on energy drinks and coffee. My best friend Ryhs and I took the conservative route and drank it all in moderation. You know, a little at a time. Brandon though," Kyle started laughing again, "Brandon thought that if he drank his all at once, that would keep him going. It did for a good half hour before he started twitching like mad and had to be taken to the emergency room because he started having panic attacks." Kyle laughed again.

"That's not funny at all," Elliott said appallingly. She glared at Caitlin who immediately stopped laughing.

"Yeah, that's terrible," Caitlin deadpanned. Then all three interns started laughing. "When I turned twenty-one," Caitlin began, still laughing, "my friends and I wanted to see how quickly we could get wasted. So we bought all this booze and chugged all of it. My friend Morgan had to be taken to the emergency room for alcohol poisoning and so we all walked to the medical center, barely able to stand up straight." Kyle and Elliott started laughing.

Both Caitlin and Kyle turned to Elliott. Her eyes widened, "What?" she seemed confused.

"It's your turn," Kyle stated, taking a swig from his thermos. "Tell us a story about something stupid you did before you came here."

"That's stupid," Elliott said flatly, not amused.

"What? Because you haven't done anything stupid?" Kyle asked, raising an eyebrow. Elliott rolled her eyes. "Ah, so you are the golden girl."

Elliott glared. "What is that suppose to mean?"

Kyle sighed. "It means that you're the good girl. You know? Does everything perfect, always does the right thing. Usually kind of a prude." Kyle laughed to himself while Caitlin rolled her eyes.

"And our ass hole is back, ladies and gentlemen," Caitlin said to herself.

"I am not a prude," Elliott stated, glaring at Kyle. "And the good girl always has a few tricks up her sleeve," she winked. Before Kyle could say anything else, Elliott's pager went off and she jumped up. "See you guys later!" she shouted as she ran out the door.

"She has tricks up her sleeve..." Kyle contemplated, leaning his head back.

Caitlin sighed. "Don't even think about it, Kyle," Caitlin said tiredly, rubbing her eyes.

Kyle laughed to himself. "You got tricks up your sleeve too, Lease?" he asked, staring up at the ceiling.

"None for you," Caitlin replied, pulling out her phone.

"Oh, I know," Kyle chuckled, "you save them all for Dr. Capilla." Caitlin's head shot up, and she looked at Kyle, eyes widening. "My hunch was right." Kyle smirked.

"No," Caitlin stated calmly, "I just have no idea where you got that idea from. It's absurd." She glared.

Kyle shrugged. "I got it from you," he stated simply. His pager went off and he stood up. "You know," he began, checking the pager, "you should be a little more careful about what you reveal about your private life in public, say, a Starbucks." Kyle shrugged. "That's my favorite one. It's where I filled this up." He lifted his silver thermos. Caitlin's eyes widened in horror as she looked up at Kyle.

"If you say anything-" Caitlin began before Kyle silenced her with a hand.

"Calm down, Lease," he stated, "I'm not going to say anything." Caitlin's form visibly relaxed. "I just wanted to see you squirm." Will walked into the locker room as Kyle was leaving. Kyle turned around, eyebrows raised. Caitlin casually flipped him off to which Kyle smirked and left.

"Is this a new hangout?" Will asked curiously, reaching out his hand to help pull Caitlin up.

Once up, she pushed her bangs out of her face. "Something like that," she replied, sitting down on the bench.

"Quiet night?" Will asked, nodding at her pager.

Caitlin nodded. "I consider it a blessing." Will walked over to the door and shut it, turning around to see Caitlin staring at him curiously. "You're up to something."

Will laughed softly. "Maybe just a little bit," he pulled her into an embrace, kissing her softly. Caitlin could feel her heart beat faster as he deepened the kiss.

"How'd you know I was in here?" Caitlin whispered, kissing him back. Will let his hand play with the hem of Caitlin's light blue scrub shirt.

"I didn't," Will smiled. "I'm off. You being here was just a pleasant surprise." Caitlin smiled, pulling off Will's shirt. Will stepped back in surprise. "What are you doing?"

Caitlin laughed, rolling her eyes. "Just helping you change."

Will nodded, "Seems like a good idea." He pushed her against the lockers, kissing her neck as Caitlin pulled off his scrub pants. Will reached his hands up Caitlin's shirt as they heard the locker room door fly open. Will pulled his pants up quickly as Caitlin darted away from Will.

In walked Cory and Todd, who were chatting about football until they saw Will. Then Caitlin. Todd narrowed his eyes at Will as Caitlin passed by him. "Excuse me," she mumbled, face red.

Will sighed as Cory slammed the door shut. "Were you doing a strip tease, Will?" Todd asked, sitting down on the bench.

Will smirked. "If you mean, 'Was she helping you do the strip tease?', then yes, that seems about correct," Will replied, pulling on a white t-shirt.

"That's cute," Todd tried with fake enthusiasm, "but still not good enough. There's a difference between making out and-"

"Having sex? I know. We did that. I'm quite aware of the difference. Actually, one of them leads to the other," Will met Todd's gaze, whose eyes were widening.

"No shit," Todd stated, in awe. "When did this happen?"

"Last night," Will smirked again.

"You won?" Cory deadpanned, leaning against the lockers.

"Damn straight I did," Will stated, shutting his locker. "That should teach you all a lesson." He looked between Cory and Todd.

"If you already won," Todd began thoughtfully, "why are you guys making out in the locker room. Are you trying to get her fired too?"

Will laughed. "No," Will began, "that just happened by itself. I can still bang her if I want to." Todd gave Will a slap on the back.

"Nicely done, man," he said with approval. "I can't believe you won her over. Guess she's not immune to San Diego's finest." Will smiled half-heartedly, feeling something a little like guilt. He had won. But all he could think about was Caitlin sitting on the beach, clumps of sand in her hair, and she was laughing. He couldn't help but remember just how beautiful she was. He snapped out of it when Cory slapped him on the back.

"Damn man, details please," Cory stated, sitting on the bench.

"Another time," Will replied, pulling his jacket on. "I'm going home."