Nomad and the Maiden

Nomad and the Maiden


Winds skid in sand snow

while the nomad's journey wanes

and a dank mask adorns his face

as the city looms before him.

Castle stone casts shadow lace

across apple orchards where her song plays

while halos of the east tease rich hair

sent dancing in the morning.

Harlot's clothes, her costume fits

"Maestro bring forth your choral song.

And round she goes in a scarlet ballet

with a falter here and a misstep there.

Arcane cinders burn his eyes

as the nomad reclines with a carnal sigh.

Leaden rellic of ideal composure,

The elder wood tree seems dire.

Maiden pure of pristine heart

like Psyche, failed to stay her part.

though with fast breath she saught his visage,

past time and space, she carved his image

in dark elder old and true.

the eastern light falls fast to west

and journey calls the nomad's breast

go quiet dark maiden into moonlight land

and chant your secret cadence.