It all started when I was eight. My dad had one of his stupid buddies over. They were lounging on the couch yelling at the football game like their lives depended on it. Which it probably did because if my mom caught my dad losing another thousand bucks on a game he knew was a 'sure thing' he would be having his own little sleep over at Mark's house… for about a month.

I was outside, building myself a nice pretty sand castle in the dirt. No not in the sand, we didn't have a sand box. I was just adding the finishing touch with an adorable hot pink flag when out of nowhere this idiot comes up and kicks it.

I look up. Of course it had to be Jonathan Gregory, the biggest bully known to elementary. He laughed with his little friends as I rolled my eyes. He's the captain of the basketball team now by the way; does that tell you something about where all the popular kids in the world come from?

"Go away!" I screamed; I wish I could say yelled, or let out dangerously through clenched teeth. But I was eight and he was eleven and I… well I was whining in all truth.

I stood up and put my nose to his, glaring so hard it felt like my eyes might pop out of their sockets.

He and his little friends laughed and then he pushed me to the ground.

"Or you'll what?"

That left me speechless.

All of a sudden there was Nicholas walking casually towards the crowd of kids standing around me. He seemed to think he was cool even at ten. I still don't.

"What's up?" He asked. Looking over Jon's shoulder to see me sprawled out on the ground at the boy's feet.

"We were just playing around." They said. I glared at him too.

He pushed past them and to my side, jerking me to my feet.

"Are you alright?"

I stuck my tongue out at him. I distinctly remembered two days before him doing the same thing. He had shoved his foot calmly into my castle until I began to cry, and then he'd laughed and called me a baby. Then well… I'd tackled him to the ground and shoved his head into the dirt, which he soon returned. By the time our fathers found us we were both teary eyed and covered, so tired we were just throwing it at each other.

"Stupid!" I called him.

"Yeah why do you care?" Yelled Derik Thomson, who is on the football team now (got to find some way to get that anger out).

"Because!" Nick roared. "Only I can bully her, she's mine!" He grabbed a hold the shoulder farthest away from him and pulled me to him.

"No I'm not!" I screeched. You would have too. I didn't want to belong to anyone, this was my life!

"Yes you are!" He demanded, and before I could say another word he had kissed me. He smirked down at me as he saw the shocked look cross over my features. Then I kicked him as hard as I could in the shin and ran towards the house screaming for my father.

This is how in my freshman year of high school everyone already knows I'm off limits. This is why no guys give me second glances. It's not because Nick will beat them to a pulp… well… I think. It is because since I was eight somehow I've had some weird claim on me that says, "Back the fuck off or I'll castrate you." When I told Nick this he just laughed and went off to play with his little football; must be great to be captain of the team.

So you must think that this is kind of sweet right? Childhood sweethearts. Our parents hang out together; we spend all our time staring into each other's eyes; he's like my knight in shining armor.

No. Right now he was currently making out with Amber Roberts. The schools head cheerleader and his on again off again kind of girlfriend. What I mean by kind of if in about oh say twenty three hours two minutes and, let my check his watch, twenty eight seconds she was going to be dumped on her ass.

I put my head on my palm and watched as more and more of her diseases swapped with his own, and yes I did just say that he was diseased. There is no way he could make out and god knows what else, with girls like Amber here and not have something right? Well… I think so.

When he opened his eyes to look at me I made a gagging motion when my mouth. He rolled his bright green orbs and then went back to his session.

So you get it now. He for some reason had claim over me but I had no such thing. We were best friends, well we had been until his football buddies came into play. Then we became best friends when they weren't having 'man' talk, which is just another way of saying killing my brains cells talking, watching, or playing sports. Or when he wasn't being drooled on by some love sick prep that needed a couple one night stands to feel important and to have something to brag about to her friends.

I sighed and grabbed my tray, walking towards the trash bins. I turned back just in time to see Ryan Morgan sit down in the seat I had just abandoned. What else is new?

Amber watched the conversation unfolding in front of her with interest. A conversation I assumed took place around an oval shaped ball that they spent too much time with as it was.

She tugged at the collar on her dress shirt covered in a very form fitting black vest.

Then I watched as she pulled her best move. Her mini skirted legs uncrossed and recrossed while still smiling at my best friend and his team mate. This managed to draw the attention of not only the males at the table but a couple who were in viewing distance at other ones as well. But alas, Nick and Ryan kept right on with their conversation and she'd have to do nothing short of running around naked to get them to notice… or in my case cheering gaily when the opposing team made a score and then dumping an expertly hidden pitcher of Gatorade from behind the couch on their heads… in victory of course.

So our school had its own little food chain… consisting of five very impressive people and one with the potential to follow their footsteps. Oh and of course they're groups.

First off was of course Amber Roberts. With her light honey colored hair than glided down her back to end in and v that contrasted great with the shirts she wore that usually did the same. She also had hazel eyes that switched between green and brown.

Amber was the classic example of what everyone thought of when they linked popularity too… well a female. She was a cheerleader, head cheerleader to be exact. When she snapped her perfectly manicured coral pink fingers her little posse was there to meet her every need… well that was an exaggeration but I bet they would if she did.

She is… a piranha. One day when high school was gone she would be opened up to the ocean… and there would be a shark there to bite her pretty little head off… hopefully slowly. I will admit she was perfect. But it would help if not every guy in our school knew that… twice over again.

Then there was Carmen Andrews. Carmen was all around perfect.

She hated Amber's guts but that is the only thing we had in common. Carmen had that innocent look going for her. Wide sparkling blue eyes that showed off her sweet smile, but in all truth she was a far bigger bitch than Amber. She dressed in nothing but preppy clothes and when I say preppy, I mean real prep. Not what these girls had turned it into. Catholic school had nothing of this girl. She could take anything and make it look like it was ready for an interview with the pentagon in about three point two seconds.

She had a 4.2 grade point average while still managing to party almost every weekend. If there was ever anyone in the popular crowd who I envied it was her. She wasn't like Amber who threw herself into the lap of anything that looked hot and male she was the type that only dated the best, which also meant she had had her rounds with Nick or Cole as I liked to call him. That privilege was reserved only for me because well I'd thought of it first and forced him to never let another soul call him by it. But then here's the thing that I don't get. Miss I-will-be-walking-my-way-to-the-top-floor-as-your-still-sleeping-with-the-mail-boy let herself get used just like any other that walked by those pretty greens eyes. She was just as melodramatic when he broke her heart like she didn't expect it. So I wasn't too keen on her either.

The thing both Amber and her had in common where simple; they both ruled the school, they both looked perfect and they both were getting played.

Carmen had strawberry blond hair that could both be librarian hot and sexy hot. She usually wore it up during school but it looked amazing either way, lucky her. She could go from professional to wild in no time.

Then there was Ambers little sister, Danielle. Danielle had yet to turn into an evil whore but that wasn't lasting long. She was a freshman and I'm sure would be on her way to taking over her sisters position as most sought after girl in the universe. Or so the ignorant teenagers at our school thought.

Danielle's hair was darker than her sisters. She also had more brown in her eyes than green. Her hair was curled and the ends and she gave off something between her sister, Carmen, and a bookworm. Though I knew she wouldn't get the chance to be the latter.

For now Danielle seemed to be naïve when it came to what it really took to be popular. She had the looks, the preference to wake up at five thirty in the morning so she could look her best but that was all. There was hope for her to be decent… I was sure it would fade.

Now just so you know everyone I've mentioned here are seniors. So it comes as a surprise (or rather and amiable mistake) that the next person is not.

When it comes to the boys the most popular guy… was… Nicholas Michelson. How I do not know but it turns out you leave him be for two years and when I get to high school this has already been in issue.

It wasn't that I considered Cole totally unattractive and didn't see what girls saw in him, I did. But I had grown up around him so much it didn't quite register to me what he actually looked like… more importantly I refused to let it register.

Cole had medium brown bed hair that all the girls thought was adorable. I knew for a fact that he only put his hair that way because he couldn't be bothered to waste moments and actually place time in it.

He had bright green eyes that were only all the more noticeable by the forest green shirt he was sporting today. The shirt I had heard him rummaging around in his hamper to find while asking me if I still wanted a ride. It sure must be nice to put forth no effort and look amazing. I could take hours to get dressed up just to look average, not that I actually have tried but I bet it was true.

He also had on a pair of worn jeans that he had taken from the box my father was throwing out from his 'college days' which really only consisted of about a month and a half before he dropped out and started his own business as a handyman.

Cole looked something of a pretty boy. He had that chiseled type of facial feature to him, the roman kind. But he also had that rugged thing going for him. I guess you could say he kind of had that Colin Farrell thing going on, kind of. He didn't look like him per say but he… had the same qualities.

He was also overconfident, arrogant, egotistical, slightly overbearing, and very conceited. It was just he never went too over the top around me which made me except the way he acted towards other people. When it came to just me and him he knew how to laugh off his faults and lower his macho crap. Then again I don't think he was overbearing with anyone else he talked too so… I guess you can't have it all.

Ryan Morgan, boy currently residing in my seat was next in line. He had light brown hair that was grazed slightly with some blond in it. He would be what most you might call a golden boy.

Ice blue eyes that made all the girls giggle and find him so cute but I thought that it just gave you a glimpse to his heart, after all the eyes are the window to the soul right?

His hair was longer than Cole's. It hung loosely and framed his face hiding, I'm sure, his true intentions to all those girls who where currently ogling him.

Ryan was that type. The type that you thought was a complete sweetheart but really was just a different form of player. Whereas Cole opted to just straight out give it to you point blank Ryan chose to get down your pants feigning love while never actually saying the words.

He dressed almost the polar opposite of Cole too meaning he actually tried. Right now he had on a black dress shirt rolled up at the sleeves to his elbows. Like Cole's clothes, his hugged his body in all the right places only showing me one thing… that Cole worked out more than him because they were on the same team and Cole was much more built. Then again Ryan didn't have me there to motivate him.

I thought back to the time I had dared Cole to do a hundred pushups with me sitting on his back. Needless to say he did not make it out of bed the next day.

He was also in jeans darker than Cole's and definitely cleaner cut. I wondered for a moment if he called them his player wear but then decided that I should never think again because that is the stupidest thing I think I have ever come up with in a sober state.

The next in line when it came to the boys was none other than Jonathan Gregory.

The captain of the basketball team, brown eyes that where dark and intense, black hair cut short and what girls liked to call mysterious though I don't why.

Jon had it all going for him; he had perfect grades, he was perfect on the court, and he was perfect in the backseat. You get the point.

Jon wasn't exactly a player; in fact he was far from it. His girlfriends just quickly found out that he was far more interested in his basketball than them.

So Jon was decent but… he was still popular and therefore deemed untrustworthy in my eyes.

Jon dressed quite a lot like Cole except for the more than occasional sports paraphernalia mixed in with his.

And now we have come to finally… me.

I had brown hair which somehow had this wacky side effect of looking slightly red when light shined on it. Not the orange red either but more of the maroon kind, and brown eyes; nothing spectacular.

I dressed in mostly hoodies and jeans.

I had a slightly curvy body that no one would ever see considering the only time I ever walked around casually in shorts and spaghetti straps was at home. Cole was the only person who was ever there and he wouldn't notice if there was a tree growing out of the carpet; one of the reasons why I loved the boy so much.

My hair is mostly straight. It falls in my eyes; this came after a particularly bad experience about two years ago with a hair dresser who thought it would be fun to do what they liked with my hair instead of merely trimming it like they were supposed to. I have never let anyone touch my hair since. So now I have bangs that can be put behind my ears but is shorter than the rest of my hair.

In all truth I dress quite a bit like Cole and Jon, well except I brush my hair and hate most sports with a passion.

I don't know why I dress so tomboyish. Mostly because I knew from the moment I stepped into high school that no guy was going to be looking my way. I decided that it would be too much effort get up an hour early and look all great. I have never even worn makeup.

So in a way I kind of like having the chance to blame this on Cole when really I thought it was great that I could come to school comfortable while every other girl wasted their lives away trying to look good. Plus I probably in all truth am quite self-conscious, not that I let anyone else know that.

I walked back down the hall towards my class and decided a little nap was in order.

Cole snuck into the seat next to me ten minutes late. Not that the teacher noticed or anything.

"Hey?" He whispered.

I groaned and turned my head away from him.

"Give up Nick she's been like that since class started." Ryan told him. "It's no use."

"Are we still hanging out after school?" I murmured out a yes before promptly trying to get back to sleep. "Okay, then I need to cancel on Amber." He said.

"So what are you guys going to do?" Ryan questioned.

"I don't know." Cole returned.

"So let me get this straight… your canceling on your girlfriend so you can hang out with her."

"Pretty much."

I smiled.

"Right." Ryan said slowly but let it go. "Cool I guess."

Cole's body shifted and I could tell he was leaning his chin against his palm.

I turned my head in between my two arms and removed all forms of light and most forms on ventilation. But who needed to breathe right?

"So…" Ryan began as my hearing started to blur and I faded out (like they had anything important to talk about anyway).

I grumbled as I woke to the bell. I had just slept through one of the two classes I actually shared with Cole, this one being art and the other gym. Though at the moment I couldn't say I cared that much.

"See you in gym." He said with his back to me, talking to Ryan about something involving a foul proof plan, whatever.

I waved tiredly at him and dragged myself through the halls to biology. I already knew what I was going to be doing in there before I even walked in the room. The yawn emanating from me told me so.

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