Pretty Ashley

has a pretty littel head of hair

and can capture any boy

with a single stare

Pretty Ashely is very smart

she volunteers at soup kitchens

and has a very big heart

Pretty Ashley was just voted prom queen

she's just been called a role- model.

and was never called pristine.

Pretty Ashley just walked to her home

where instantly she's frightened

by the sound of her phone

where she's told she just been

voted most-popular in class

and it is her kindness

nobody can surpass

Pretty Ashley tries to reach her mom

who she knows isn't at all the one to call

she then proceeds to call her father

all the while knowing

she'd be nothing less than a bother

Her father then sends her a busy tone

which causes her to slam the phone.

Pretty Ashley screams in sadness

wishing that somehow she could share her gladness

Pretty Ashely reaches her suite

to find the tools she needs to complete

this life she never asked to live

and parents she will never

ever forgive

Pretty Ashely has just slit her wrists

and with a single breath declares,

"I've had quite enough of this."