she pricks her finger

to make sure she bleeds red

becuase she is absolutely convinced

nothings wrong inside her head.

the stiff white jacket

they make her wear

doesn't help the fact

she's lost in silent despair.

the doctor enters and asks if she's alright

she laughs and yells these ugly words with spite,

" Your wrong, i'm right, let me leave this hell! Tonight! set me on fire! Give me a shot!

For i assure you,

this is the last place

i desire my flesh to rot."

The doctor, taken aback flashes the light in her eyes

and cruelly spits,

"Dear, i'm afraid i'd be telling you lies. You see you'll never leave here,

you'll always be just sick enough to stay

so i suppose i should leave you

if you will be angry with me this way."

She spits in his face

and laughs at his joke

and tries to replace

the last words he's just spoke

"I'm leaving now, then." She says with glee

and slids down onto the cushion

extremely happily

For now she is gone

and her eyes will remain open and red

the doctor only says, "so long."

and lets her live inside her head.